There are few things in life that make us more nervous than a job interview. Everyone has their own personal methods they use to relax — from breathing exercises to pep talks in the mirror. 

Still, there’s one underrated tactic people always seem to forget about: looking damn good. 

To a lot of people, “dressing up” means a suit and tie. Unless the interview calls for it, you don’t need to spend half of your savings on a fancy suit in order to impress. 

Clean, sophisticated, and stylish clothes no longer have to cost you a ton of money. 

So, what do you need for an interview? Below, we’re going to go through your new job interview outfit and why it’s always important to look your best.


What Outfit Basics Do I Need?

A high-quality shirt, pants, shoes, and tie are all you need. The shirt and pants are especially important because they’re the first things your interviewer is going to see

Looking spiffy shows you put in effort. To the interviewer, that shows you want the job and you take it seriously.


What Should I Look for in a Performance Dress Shirt?

When you’re shopping for that perfect shirt to impress your potential new bosses, there are a few features you should keep in mind.

The All Citizens Performance Dress Shirt is a redesigned classic fit for any occasion that will help you nail your interview.


All About the Buttons

Details matter — that’s why our durable buttons combine function and devilishly handsome fashion. Our hidden collar button keeps your collar crisp and tall, while our lowered second button is strategically placed under the collarbones for a casually well-defined neckline.

Plus, all of our buttons are reinforced with lower set holes and a whirl of hidden threads. No knocking or scraping button threads loose here, thanks.


Wrinkle-Resistant Performance Fabric

You can have the nicest and most expensive shirt in the world, and it won’t make any difference if it’s wrinkled.

Combining at-home comfort with boardroom style, this technical fabric isn’t just wrinkle-resistant. It’s machine washable, quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and provides incredible 360 stretch. Travel easy and conquer more in greater comfort.


Perfect Fit and Length

Every shirt looks great tucked and untucked, so you can wear it how you like it or just go with what your partner thinks — they’re never wrong.

When you do go for the tuck, our stay-tucked back means you never have to worry about flashing your backside to your interviewer. 

The cherry on top is our expert tailoring. Cut and measured to match the natural curvature of your back, this v-shaped shirt has a slimming effect and a sharp silhouette. Plus, it’s designed to rest comfortably on men’s broad shoulders.


Other Important Features

The thick, modern spread collar stay never flops out on you, so you’ll always look the part in both casual and formal settings. Meanwhile, the convertible cuffs are versatile so you can wear your shirt with or without cufflinks. Bruce Wayne would be proud.

Finally, our higher-set back yoke goes above and beyond so it doesn’t limit your range of motion or stretch.


What Should I Look for in a Sturdy Undershirt?

While your interviewer won’t be seeing it, your undershirt is equally as important for a multitude of reasons. 


Lightweight Performance Materials

Your undershirt needs to be light to keep you comfortable and fresh. 

Our undershirts are made with a featherlight and breathable material so you’ll never feel suffocated by your undershirt. 

It should feel like you’re wearing nothing underneath your dress shirt — and that’s exactly what we’ve accomplished with our euphoria-grade softness that gets softer after every wash. This material is quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and wrinkle-resistant, too. There’s nothing it can’t do.

Comfort is just the beginning — your undershirt also needs to be durable throughout the years, with top-tier color retention that keeps you looking sharp no matter what you do. When an undershirt is everything-able like ours, you can head from your interview to a hike with pals (or an afternoon on your couch).

Have it all, and help the environment, too. With performance fabrics made from recycled materials, you’re diverting waste away from landfills, incinerators, and oceans — oh my!


Mesh Breathe Zones

Just like our underwear, every undershirt comes equipped with breathable mesh zones so there’s always air flowing in order to evaporate unwanted moisture.

They’re placed in the areas that sweat the worst to keep you fresh day in and day out. Our mesh side panels also double as mobility gussets, giving you freedom of movement even a gymnast would appreciate.



Most importantly, your undershirt should be built to withstand every and all odors. 

You can be dressed as nice as possible, but if you have a bit of a stench, your interviewer is going to notice. Talk about a tough first impression. 

Our undershirts eliminate all odors so you can keep smelling fresh no matter what. 



Our undershirts are just as stretchy as our dress shirts — 360-degree stretch, to be exact. 

All of your movements can and will be covered by the stretchiness so you’re never uncomfortable throughout the interview. Our stay-tucked length helps you avoid plumber crack even when you’re sitting, and our mid-arm length sleeves rest at the middle of your bicep for the perfect length.

Our shirts are stretchy as heck, but they fit perfectly to begin with. Their tailored slim fit is form-fitting like a glove so it stays invisible under your dress shirt. Our forward set shoulder seams and anti-bacon collar help here, too, hiding visible lines at all times.


What Should I Look for in Boxer Briefs?

Just like an undershirt, you might not think what you’re wearing underneath your clothes is important for an interview. 

If they don’t see it — no need to worry, right? 

Wrong! Like we said before, it’s important to remain distraction-free, and nothing causes distractions more than uncomfortable clothes. 


Supportive Design

Don’t let your balls sticking to your thighs distract you during your interview. Keep your gents safe and secure with our Paradise Pocket ball pouch. 

Our pocket ensures everything stays exactly where it’s supposed to be — all the time. No uncomfortable walks and sits, and especially no unwanted skin-to-skin contact. 

You can walk into your interview like you’re the star of the show (which you are) because you’ll be feeling like one. 


Mesh Breathe Zones

Our mesh zones are placed in all the right places (just like in our undershirts) so there’s never any moisture where the sun doesn't shine. 

People sweat when they’re nervous. With our underwear, you won’t even think twice about it. 


Grip Thighs

Our grips thighs prevent your underwear from riding up, so you never have to pull them down.

Think about it — do you really want your potential boss to see you shift in your seat trying to get your underwear back down where it’s supposed to go? Hell no. 


Eco-Friendly Performance Materials

Lastly and most importantly, every pair of All Citizens underwear is made with recycled materials. 

You already have an interview coming up — so you really don’t need to be worried about your carbon footprint on top of that. 

We take care of that problem for you, as all of our underwear neutralizes our (and your) carbon footprint with our eco-friendly materials and manufacturing practices. 


What Should I Look for in Chino Pants?

Say goodbye to plain khakis, and hello to our Limitless Performance Chinos

These pants will make you look and feel like a boss — even though you’re going to be interviewed by your future one. 

They come equipped with a stretch waist and never wrinkle so they’re easy to take care of. 



At All Citizens, we’re dedicated to providing and democratizing comfort for everyone, everywhere. 

When you’re shopping for clothes to impress your future boss and coworkers, nothing says “I care” more than looking damn good.

When you dress your best, you feel your best, so you can be your best. Good luck during your interview — you’re going to kill it!


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October 10, 2022 — Bridget Reed

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