For All Social Mission

Comfort extends beyond just the clothes we wear. It is also defined by physiological needs, state of mind, quality of living and a positive outlook on your future. While we believe that comfort is a basic human right, comfort has - oddly enough - evolved from a basic necessity to somewhat of a privilege.
A new perspective on comfort
In line with our mission to democratize comfort, we created the For All social mission to provide holistic support across all aspects of an individual’s wellbeing.
  • 01.
    • Access to clean drinking water and nourishing meals
    • Support for positive mental health
    • Physical well-being and opportunities for healthy living
  • 02.
    • Access to clothing, specifically weather-appropriate clothing
    • Access to sanitary essentials and better hygiene
  • 03.
    • Habitable and comfortable living conditions
    • Reforestation and carbon capture
    • Wildlife protection
  • 04.
    • Access to education, equal work opportunities and income stability
How We Roll

We partnered with select organizations who share our mission of democratizing comfort and are committed to delivering one or more pillars of comfort.

This collaboration has given rise to a limited edition line of boxer briefs where each sale donates to a specific cause.