Fewer returns =
lower costs for us =
lower prices for you

That’s pretty much the whole idea.

First Garment Guarantee
Sustainable Returns Guarantee
First Garment Guarantee
TLDR: Order 1 unit, get a free return/exchange. Order 2 or more units, no free return/exchange and deductions will apply.

Details: If it’s your first time trying any product category, just order 1 unit first and try it out risk free. If it doesn’t work out, reach out to within 30 days and we’ll process a free return or exchange no questions asked (US orders only).

All underwear is considered the same category
  • Example #1: Order 1 boxer brief, 1 sock, 1 training shorts, 1 dress shirt and 1 t shirt, all items get a free return or exchange
  • Example #2: None of the orders below have a free return/exchange - even if it’s your first order - because all underwear is considered the same product category. If you need help finding your size or fit, just ask!
    • 1 medium size and 1 large size boxer brief - when, ordering multiple sizes or fits, none of the items (including your first) have a free return/exchange
    • 1 boxer brief and 1 trunk
    • 1 Re:Luxe and 1 Elite
    • 1 Paradise Pocket and 1 Classic
    • 1 Compression Shorts and 1 boxer brief
    • 1 Athletic fit and 1 Standard fit

    US orders only, excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and territories. All international orders are covered under the Sustainable Returns Guarantee.

    More details

    Underwear is an intimate item that cannot be resold once opened and tried on due to hygiene, so after your first pair, all other returned pairs must be discarded if they are taken out of their packaging.

    Help us reduce return processing costs and discarded products by reducing returns, and we’ll pass this savings back to you in the form of lower prices. It’s more sustainable for your wallet, for our business and for our planet.

    Want a refund on the shipping cost?

    Place a 2nd order of $45 or more within 15 days of your original order and we’ll refund the shipping cost on your 1st order!

    Want a discount as well? We have a Drawer Refresh Upgrade where we’ll apply a discount to both of your orders as well as refund the shipping cost.

    Just leave a note on your 2nd order saying “Apply Drawer Refresh Upgrade” and we’ll get that processed for you.

    We know you’re used to “free returns on all orders”

    But here’s the truth about those “free returns:”

    Shipping items and processing returns is expensive for businesses - take into account:

    that's a
    long list

    Most brands count on a high level of returns and bake the costs into their product prices. This means higher prices for everyone, regardless of whether you need a return.
    And considering that 1 in 4 products gets returned on average, the costs can get pretty astronomical.
    We thought there was
    a better way:
    try 1 first before you buy more
    Thanks to our customers, our return rate is 10 times lower than the industry average
    That’s a A LOT of costs our customers are not paying for.

    As we do new things, we understand we might
    cause some waves -
    just like removing the
    headphone jack from phones -

    but that's ok because

    Our approach is more sustainable - for your wallet, for our business and for our planet.
    That’s some game-changing worth doing.

    We believe our approach
    is more sustainable -
    for your wallet,
    for our business
    and for our planet.
    It's a win-win-win.