A pair of underwear with moisture-wicking properties can be the biggest difference between a good or terrible day. Still, it can be hard to tell at first glance whether your underwear has this all-important feature.

Today, we’re exploring what moisture wicking is, why it’s so important, and how to know whether your underwear has moisture-wicking technology.


Moisture Wicking Underwear Explained

Even if you’re completely unfamiliar with the term moisture wicking, you can probably make an educated guess about what it means. 

Basically, when we begin to overheat, sweat is our body’s way of trying to keep us cool. This happens when we’re in a hot environment or when we exercise. 

Sweat is a natural phenomenon that serves a very useful function — but nobody likes to smell bad or wear damp clothes. This is why clothing companies started to produce moisture-wicking technology that keeps us dry during even the most intense workouts or hottest days. 


How Does Moisture Wicking Technology Work?

When we start sweating, that moisture can become easily trapped beneath the layers of clothing we’re wearing. 

Materials such as cotton soak up moisture but don’t allow it to evaporate. This can cause major discomfort throughout the day and might require a change of clothes. 

If a material is moisture resistant or wicking, the sweat will be drawn towards the outermost layer instead of being soaked up. From there, the air allows the sweat to evaporate and disappear from your clothes. 

Moisture can’t evaporate without air, and having anything trapped beneath your clothes can be a recipe for B.O. Moisture-wicking clothes allow air to reach the sweat so it can evaporate and exit your outfit like a breeze. 


Who Should Wear Moisture Wicking Underwear?

The short answer to this question? Every guy on Earth. 

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can always sweat. Sweating doesn’t only happen during hot days or workouts; it can start when you’re at work or even just lounging on the couch. 

You should always be protected so that you never have to worry about changing (or being stuck with smelly underwear all day). Still, there are specific groups of guys that could benefit from moisture-wicking underwear more than others. 


Guys Who Love To Work Out

The most obvious group that needs moisture-wicking underwear is any dude who works out consistently. 

Workouts are where you sweat the most, and nothing can ruin a workout more than chafing caused by damp underwear. It’s uncomfortable, but it can be easily avoided with a solid pair of moisture-resistant underwear


Guys With Outdoor Jobs

When do we sweat the most? During workouts and when we’re outside, of course. 

Naturally, if your job is outdoors or you find yourself in nature fairly often, you’re going to love moisture-wicking underwear. Hot days are the enemy of comfort, and nothing can ruin your day outdoors like damp underwear.


Guys Who Sweat Often

Some people simply sweat more than others. Whether this has to do with your job, your hobbies, or just genetics, there are guys who are prone to sweat even if they aren’t doing anything that strenuous. 

If you find yourself sweating profusely for no apparent reason, having a pair of underwear that can keep you dry is paramount. 


Guys Who Struggle To Stay Comfy

If you find yourself struggling to stay comfortable, moisture can certainly take some of the blame.

It’s nearly impossible to be comfortable in wet clothes. So, if you have a lot of trouble getting and staying comfortable, underwear that allows moisture to evaporate might be just what the doctor ordered. 


What Makes a Perfect Pair of Moisture Wicking Underwear?

While moisture-wicking properties are absolutely necessary, it’s not the only thing that goes into making underwear perfect. 

From the ball pouch to mesh zones, there is no shortage of features that go into a must-have pair of underwear


The Ball Pouch: An Absolute Necessity

The ball pouch — or Paradise Pocket, as we like to call it — is one of the most essential features of any pair of underwear. 

The pouch is a space built into the front of the underwear to separate your boys from everything else — mainly your thighs. No unwanted skin-to-skin contact, no chafing, and certainly no more awkward public re-adjustments.


No Ride Up

Speaking of awkward re-adjustments, having to pull your underwear legs down is the worse — especially if you’re in public.

Thanks to our Grip Thighs, ride-up is a thing of the past. These elastic bands at the end of each leg aren’t tight enough to cause discomfort, but they’re just snug enough to ensure that your underwear stays exactly where it’s supposed to be.


Luxuriously Soft, High-Performance Microfiber Material

For your underwear to be perfect, it needs to have the right material. 

Your underwear needs to be soft, durable, and most importantly, eco-friendly. How does 90% recycled polyester and 10% spandex sound? 

Recycled polyester and spandex create a perfect balance of softness, durability, 360-degree stretch, and carbon neutrality in our Eco-Friendly Re:Luxe Performance Microfiber. This material mix allows for a seamless transition from work to play and everything in between. We’re talking all-activity and all-weather comfort that lessens our dependency on fossil fuels in the process.

Only our performance material can be sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and anti-odor while also diverting waste from landfills and oceans.


Mesh Zones for Breathability

As we said before, moisture can’t evaporate without air. Mesh breathe zones are strategically placed in the areas that sweat the most to allow a constant airflow that leads to evaporation. 

With mesh zones, you can kiss swamp ass goodbye.


Premium Underwear — But Half the Price

You never want to overpay for anything — especially your underwear. 

All of these features sound great, but you’re probably thinking you’re going to need to spend a boatload of money to get them. Thankfully, every pair of All Citizens underwear comes equipped with these must-haves at half the price of premium underwear brands. Plus, our Drawer Refresh Bundles make it even cheaper per pair to entirely revamp your underwear drawer with designer-quality performance garments.

You simply won’t find a better deal out there. 


The Only Moisture Wicking Underwear You’ll Ever Need

All Citizens underwear is the only pair of underwear you’ll ever need. 

We only touched on a fraction of the features we offer in our underwear — moisture-wicking being a pretty important one. All Citizens will keep you dry, comfortable, and stylish while you avoid breaking the bank. 

Join the movement to democratize comfort for everyone, and stay dry out there. 


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October 10, 2022 — Bridget Reed

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