Here’s the short answer: a man doesn’t need an absurd amount of dress shirts. You only need a couple that are versatile enough to mix and match with every outfit. You can skip the herringbone, the seersucker, and the French cuff — just keep it simple.

There are essential types and colors of dress shirts that you’ll need to complete your wardrobe and make your outfits stand out. When it comes down to it, it’s your closet and your style, but these are the essentials that every guy should have. 


5 Essential Dress Shirts Every Man Needs

As we said above, there are specific types of dress shirts you need to have on hand for any event. We didn’t cover everything — you won’t see mentions of the oxford or tuxedo shirt here — but that’s just because we don’t necessarily consider those niche options an essential.

An outdoor event in the summer? A short-sleevebutton-up shirt will get the job done. First date? A long sleeveperformance dress shirt is perfect for a good first impression.

Whatever the occasion, you should have a dress shirt ready to impress. 


A Short-SleeveButton-Up for Casual Days

Short-sleevebutton-downs are ideal for a warm summer night out with friends or a nice stroll around town. This regular-fit dress shirt is known for its accessibility — it’s a look any guy can pull off. 

This technical take on your everyday button-up is the ideal Casual Friday companion. If you think it’s not your style, think again. A short-sleevebutton-up can be the key to your comfort on those hotter days, so it’s essential to pick up one of these shirts.


A Classic Men’s Dress Shirt for Everyday Wear

The classic performance dress shirt is a staple in every man’s wardrobe. With a classic fit, button-down collar, and simple color, prepare for this to be the most-worn shirt in your closet.

As much as we’d all like to, we can’t wear t-shirts every day. That’s where a button-down shirt comes in. Throwing on a dress shirt every now and then adds pizzazz to your outfit, even for a casual event. 

Whatever the case, you need to have a couple of classic dress shirts on hand. Men’s dress shirts are often made from materials like gingham, twill, or poplin. While some are patterned, solid dress shirts are more common; patterns like plaid are typically reserved for business casual shirts.


A Slim-Fit Dress Shirt for More Formal Occasions (and To Make an Impression)

Job interviews. A regular day in the office. A fancy dinner with the missus or mister. Whatever the formal occasion is, a trim-fit dress shirt will put any man on the top of his game. This is one of All Citizens’ best-sellers for a reason.

The trim (or slim) fit dress shirt gives the appearance of a tailored piece without the unnecessary cost or the hassle. It’s meant to hug — but not squeeze— your sides to show off your figure. 

Any event on the fancier side should be met with a trim-fit dress shirt, so be sure to have one ready to go.


A Lightweight Dress Shirt for Summer

Not feeling the short sleeve look, but it’s a hot day? No big deal — you’ll have a lightweight stretch dress shirt on hand. 

The lightweight dress shirt is meant for those scorching summer days when the only relief you can find is air conditioning. The fabric allows you to breathe a little more without sacrificing any style. 

If you plan on staying out through the nighttime or just aren’t feeling the short sleeve, a lightweight shirt is here for you.


A Dress Shirt With a Stylish Pattern

It’s always a good idea to add some color to your wardrobe, and that’s exactly what a patterned shirt can do for you. Plus, a patterned cotton shirt is a phenomenal layering piece to wear with a blazer or sweater.

At All Citizens, we offer multiple patterns on our modern-fit shirts, such as floral, cherries, windowpane, pin dot, and more. 

Patterns allow you to mix in your personality into your look, and it’s always a good idea to have some colors to choose from. 


What Should You Look for in a Dress Shirt?

Some features differentiate an average dress shirt from an elite one. 

The fit, material, length, and price are just some factors you need to get right. 


A Tailored Fit for Comfort and Functionality

We mentioned the tailored fit earlier, and what we said remains the same. Whether you’re short & small or big & tall, you shouldn’t have to look hard for a dress shirt with the right sleeve length and overall fit.

Nobody wants to spend money on a tailor anymore, so why not buy a shirt that already looks like it was made for you? 

Our point collar dress shirts are all made with a tailored fit that brings you ultimate comfort perfect for our lives’ modern paces. Your job might not be low-maintenance, but your shirt should be.


360-Degree Stretch

Stretch is absolutely key. 

This will allow you to be far more comfortable and keep the shirt from losing its shape or ripping. Whatever it is you’re doing in your dress shirt, odds are you don’t want an unexpected wardrobe malfunction. 

Be sure to be on the lookout for a material that can move with you rather than against you the next time you buy a dress shirt.


Wrinkle-Resistant Material

Just like a tailor, nobody wants to spend the time or money ironing or dry-cleaning their shirts. 

It’s a hassle, period. Haven’t you ever excitedly taken your favorite dress shirt out of the closet only to find it’s wrinkled? Odds are you don’t have an iron on hand — so what do you do?

Thankfully, you will never run into this problem if your shirt's material is easy care, commute-friendly, and wrinkle-resistant like ours. A non-iron dress shirt means that you can always arrive ready for anything. 


The Right Length for Going Tucked or Untucked

If your shirt is too long, that’s a ton of fabric to keep in check. If it’s too short, you’re going to have an even harder time keeping it tucked. Your shirt needs to be the perfect length so you don’t look silly when it’s untucked or have trouble keeping it tucked.

By finding a shirt that’s the right length, you’ve purchased a piece that’s versatile enough for any outfit.


Premium Quality at a Better Price

Finally, and most importantly, your shirt needs to be affordable. You don’t want to pay for a cheap shirt or overpay for just one nice shirt. 

You need a perfect balance of designer-quality products at affordable prices, which is exactly what All Citizens offers. Plus, you can get more for less with our bundles, whether you’re looking for three shirts, five shirts, a ten pack, or an entire Drawer Refresh.


When Should You Wear a Dress Shirt?

Another short answer: whenever you want! 

That being said, there are certainly instances that absolutely call for a dress shirt, like job interviews, days at the office, and date nights.


Your Next Job Interview

Have you ever heard the phrase, “dress to impress”? Well, it couldn’t be more true. 

You need to walk into that interview like you already have the job signed, sealed, and delivered. 

Wearing nice clothes boosts your confidence considerably. So, the next time a big day is on the calendar, throw on your nicest dress shirt. 


Working at the Office

If your office has a dress code, there’s nothing that’s as classy and equally as comfortable as a nice dress shirt. You can go through your day with ease, knowing that you are looking great and feeling even better. 


Formal and Casual Events

Whether it’s very fancy or extremely casual, a button-up can help you feel like a boss. You’ll turn heads for the right reasons when you show up wearing your fancy new dress shirt. 


Weekend Nights Out and Date Night

A night out on the town calls for a classy look, which is exactly what a dress shirt can provide. You can’t be on your A-game wearing a sweatshirt, right? 

Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you shouldn't keep up your appearance. Any fancy night out with your significant other will call for a dress shirt one way or another, no matter how badly you want to wear your favorite team’s jersey. 


What Color Dress Shirts Does Every Man Need?

Again, it’s your style, so you should wear what you want. However, every guy needs to have these solid-colored shirts on hand when the event calls for it. 



If you don’t have at least one white buttoned shirt in your closet, drop what you’re doing and go buy one. Every guy absolutely needs a solid white colored shirt for professional and formal events. 


Light Blue

Not having this option is a little more excusable than missing out on a white variation, but it’s still nice to have some options. 

Every guy can pull off the light blue colored dress shirt, and it’s a certified classic. 


Light Pink

The light pink can be a game changer for those of you who want to spice it up a little. Throwing in some color can never hurt, and a light pink will still match most outfits. 


Game-Changing Dress Shirts for Every Man

Here at All Citizens, we’re dedicated to two things: first, democratizing comfort for all. Second, changing everything you think you know about quality menswear. 

We make designer-quality apparel at a fraction of the cost. Our shirts, underwear, socks, shorts, and more are all made with eco-friendly material and come with tons of features.

We hope you join us in democratizing comfort for everyone (and enjoy yourself along the way). 


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