Board shorts are awesome. 

Whether you rock this look constantly or only on vacation, board shorts offer a fun and comfortable alternative to regular shorts or swim trunks. With unlimited colors and a variety of patterns to choose from, men’s board shorts offer guys an opportunity to showcase their fun side without sacrificing comfort. And they’re super easy to rock with everything from t-shirts and tees to regular hoodies.

But what are they? Swimwear? Beach shorts? Swim shorts? Whatever you classify them as, one question remains unanswered: What the hell do you wear underneath board shorts? 

We’re going to take a deep dive into what you should be wearing under your board shorts, the benefits, and if it’s even necessary at all. 


Do I Need Underwear Under My Board Shorts?

This is truly a matter of personal preference. 

Do you need underwear when wearing board shorts? No. However, a lot of guys prefer it, and there are a ton of benefits. 

Some board shorts come equipped with a mesh liner so they closely resemble a men’s swim trunks. If your board shorts have this mesh, it’s unlikely you’re going to wear underwear alongside a pre-built liner.

You can double up if you prefer — but it’s kind of like wearing a pair of shorts underneath sweatpants. You can do it, but it doesn’t really do anything. 

It’s an entirely different story if your board shorts don’t have a mesh liner. 

If that’s the case, you’re wearing something closer to regular shorts as opposed to swim trunks. The beauty of board shorts is that you can still choose to not wear underwear and you’ll get by just fine. However, we recommend wearing something underneath to protect you and your jewels. 

If you’re walking around in board shorts, it can get pretty uncomfortable without underwear on. If you’re swimming in your board shorts, it can be uncomfortable with underwear. It’s a weird gray area that once again comes down to personal preference and what activities you plan on doing.

So, do you need underwear underneath your board shorts? That’s up to you. 


What Are the Benefits of Underwear Under My Board Shorts?


Added Support

Going about your beach activities without underwear is a dangerous game, especially if you’re going out into the water as a surfer trying to surf a rip curl, a boogie boarder, or just horsing around. We’ve all been there — everything down there swinging around freely, hitting your thighs, and resulting in some of the worst damn pain a guy can feel. 

Like we said before, one of the main functions of underwear is to protect your nuts. Underwear eliminates any unwanted skin-to-skin contact, so there’s no discomfort at any time. 

Without it, there’s no support. With no support, there’s going to be some pain. 

If you’re only lounging in your board shorts, you might be able to get by — but any exercise, long walks, or other types of extended movement can be a death sentence. 

If you’re planning on going out for the day in your board shorts, it’s probably best to have some added protection. You need something to hold your balls down and control their motion, no matter the activity.


Prevents Chafing

If we were to make a list of the top ten things that can ruin your day, chafing would be in the top three. 

All you’re doing is trying to enjoy your day. Then, all of a sudden, there’s an uncomfortable irritation or itching around your thighs. It’s the worst. 

Chafing is caused by friction, moisture, bad fabric, or a combination of the above. When your skin is constantly rubbing against itself, it creates some of the most annoying pain and discomfort around. 

It’s normally not bad enough to make you want to go home — but it’s surely obnoxious enough to put a damper on your vacation. 

One of the biggest causes of chafing is not wearing underwear. Your twig and berries, thighs, and other parts of your body have no protection against each other — allowing them to freely bump and rub when you’re moving. 

This creates friction, which in turn causes chafing. If it’s a hot day or if you’re exercising, it can get even worse due to unabsorbed moisture. 

While there are remedies to help soothe the discomfort of chafing such as bandages, lubricants, and more, the best treatment is to avoid it by wearing underwear. 


Aids Comfort

We wear clothes for two reasons: to look great and be comfortable. 

Support for your twig and berries, no chafing, moisture absorption, smell prevention, and more — whatever the reason is, it all ties back to one huge overall factor: comfort. 

Comfort is probably one of the reasons you’re wearing board shorts anyway, so you might as well try and maximize it. 

You just feel better — both physically and mentally — knowing there’s something down there that’s going to keep you secure. 

Everything is where it’s supposed to be, you have a low risk of chafing, there’s no moisture — it’s paradise! 


What Is the Best Underwear for Board Shorts?

In order to maximize your comfort when you’re wearing board shorts, you need something ultra-soft and absorbent, loaded with smart features, and stylish — without breaking the bank. 

That pair of underwear may sound too good to be true. Fortunately, All Citizens sells designer underwear for a below-market price with every feature you could dream up. 

From our Paradise Pocket to our specially designed Grip Thighs, there’s no shortage of reasons our boxer briefs and compression shorts are the best a guy can buy. 


Ball Pouch

Our Paradise Pocket ball pouch creates a little home for your gents down there, caressing them to separate your boys and your thighs. No skin contact equals no chafing, and the Paradise Pocket ensures you will never have to worry about it. 

Plus, you won’t have to worry about awkward re-adjustments while you’re chilling on the beach.


Form-Fitting or Compression Fit

All Citizens offers sizes andfits for any body type. Our sizes range from XS to 4XL, and our fits have something for every guy and every thigh.

Our fits include: 

  • The Standard: Your typical, one-size-fits-all type of fitting. This is for guys with an average build or for those who don’t really know what category they fall under. So, if you’re shopping and don’t know what to choose, The Standard is your best bet. 
  • The Athletic: This fit is for guys with bigger thighs — but isn’t exclusive to only that body type. The Athletic fit is useful for those who exercise often and prefer more coverage from the butt down to your legs. Basically, this fit is built for workouts in any condition at any time. 
  • The Longer Fit: The long fit is perfect for guys who prefer to wear as little as possible when they’re lounging or exercising. The coverage extends the furthest down the legs out of the three — making this fit perfect for those who prefer to work and lounge as light as possible. 

Our boxer briefs are all form-fitting, and our compression baselayer offers a compression fit (as the name implies). An elastic waist adds to the security that these briefs won't be falling down. All of that equates to comfort, stretch, and a great summer day in the sunshine.


Performance Microfiber

Our high-performance microfiber is one-of-a-kind. 

Combining 90% recycled polyester and 10% spandex, our Eco-Friendly Re:Luxe Performance Microfiber is built for every activity and any climate. 

This fabric is quick-drying, sweat-wicking, and as moisture resistant as you can get. That means swamp butt is no longer a possibility, and you’ll never have to worry about needing a mid-day change ever again. 

The spandex allows the underwear and ​​compression shorts to follow your movements with 360 stretch — making exercising (and lounging) the easiest and most comfortable it’s ever been. 


Grip Thighs

Our Grip Thighs entirely eliminate the possibility of ride-ups readjustments. When you throw this underwear or compression shorts on, it’s going to stay exactly where you want it to — no matter what you’re doing. 


Mesh Breathe Zones

Finally, our mesh zones are placed throughout our underwear and compression shorts in the places that sweat the most (the Paradise Pocket, your back, and each leg). 

Moisture like sweat can’t evaporate without air. These zones create a constant flow of air accessibility to ensure all moisture is gone before you can even notice it. 



We hope the next time you wear your board shorts out, you carefully consider the pros and cons of wearing underwear underneath them. They can mean all the difference between a weekender with multiple days of consequential discomfort afterward or one awesome day after another.

However, personal comfort is all up to you. All Citizens is working towards comfort for everyone, everywhere — and it all starts with what you wear. 

Comfort in even tight or stretch board shorts is up to you, though we would love to be a part of your comfort journey. You can even share the comfort with your friends (cause real bros don’t let their friends chafe!) Give them an All Citizens gift card so they layback in style and comfort all summer long as well. 

Or if you’re getting ready for a trip, do a quick shop stop and cruise our special offers and new releases for summer. We have the right fit for everyone all the way up to XXL. Or check in any time to look for new arrivals or things on your summer wish list. 

 Enjoy all the fun and sun you can this summer and good luck in the heat!


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October 17, 2022 — Bridget Reed

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