The Performance Dress Shirt

$ 68.00

The Performance Dress Shirt was inspired by classic tailoring but redesigned for a modern pace. We chose a high performance fabric that is moisture-wicking, quick-drying, breathable and stretchy so you can easily transition from office to action. The fabric is also more wrinkle-resistant and lower maintenance than standard cotton shirts, making it the perfect travel companion, and is machine washable so you can skip the dry cleaners. At it's core, it's a perfectly tailored athletic fit dress shirt with a laundry list of features which will leave you thinking "no one shirt should have all that power."

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Shirt & Undershirt packs
  • Day Pack: Pair a dress shirt with an undershirt for $83**
  • Weekend Pack: Pair 3 dress shirts with 3 undershirts for $240**
  • Weekday Pack: Pair 5 dress shirts with 5 undershirts for $388**


Fabric & Features
  • Made with performance fabric that is:
    • moisture-wicking for those with a proclivity for sweat
    • quick-drying - no more sweat showing through your shirt
    • breathable - keeps you cool in all temperatures
    • blended with 360° stretch for unrestricted movement
    • machine washable - means no more dry cleaning bills
    • more wrinkle-resistant and lower maintenance than standard cotton shirts so you can ditch your iron. The wrinkle-resistance is a natural characteristic of our performance fabric and is accomplished without using formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals, so nothing from the shirt seeps into your skin
  • Tailored athletic fit which has more room in the upper body, tapers at the torso, has rear darts and a closer fit in the arms - size up for a more relaxed fit
  • Cut for a versatile length that can be worn tucked or untucked
  • The back of the shirt is slightly longer than the front to keep it from untucking when seated
  • The sides of the shirt are cut upwards so that you can access your pockets easily
  • Comes with thicker collar stays to keep you looking sharp
  • A hidden collar button keeps the collar in place and standing tall and crisp all day
  • Modern spread collar
  • Lowered second button for a more modern and well-defined collar and neckline - hits right under the collarbones at just the right depth for a more casual look
  • Buttons are sculpted with a taper towards the edges to make them extremely easy to slip on or off with one hand
  • Reinforced buttons which are sewn using more thread than standard sewing methods to make the buttons stronger and more durable
  • The back yoke is set higher on your shoulders so the seam doesn't inhibit stretch or limit your range of motion - reach without restriction
  • Versatile convertible mitered cuffs which can be worn with the button or dressed up with cuff links for the times you need to wear a penguin suit
  • Performance fabric: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
  • Model is 5'11"  ◦  170 lbs  ◦  chest 40"  ◦  wearing a medium
  • Fit guide


Shirt Care
  • Easy care: machine wash cold and hang to dry - that's it
  • No ironing necessary, but if desired, dampen the fabric and use a steamer or set the iron to very low heat
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not bleach


Pro Care Guide
  • Undo all of the shirt’s buttons before washing, including collars and cuffs. If not, the button holes can become stretched and buttons could come loose
  • Remove the collar stays before washing
  • Spot clean any stains before washing
  • Wash inside out to preserve color and to maintain the surface of the buttons 
  • Wash with similar colors to prevent color bleeding (dark with darks, light with lights, always separate white colored garments from colored garments)
  • Wash on delicate or low cycle to reduce creases and wrinkling
  • If you can, avoid wire hangers and use wide wooden hangers instead to preserve the shape of the shoulders. Wire hangers add additional stress on the fabric and sewing and could potentially permanently crease the fabric
  • Button all of the buttons on the shirt when storing it to to maintain the shape and drape


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