When searching for underwear that suits your needs, you may come across a few brands with similar offerings. 

It’s important to evaluate the product quality and features, price points and the different components of each brand such as their mission and call to action. Every detail matters.

Today, we take a look at two of the highest rated ball pouch brands: Saxx and All Citizens, and compare all parts of their products and brand.

What Is Saxx?

The brand Saxx was created in 2006 from an idea to reduce friction and chafing in men’s underwear. 

Designed to protect your trusty soldiers, Saxx underwear advertises a nine-paneled construction that will give you support around your glutes, thighs, and hamstrings.

What Is All Citizens?

With an unwavering belief that comfort should be accessible to all, All Citizens set out on a mission to democratize comfort by creating premium, performance-based products at more accessible prices with sustainability and charity at its core.

All Citizens’ launched their For All Social Mission to donate key resources to communities in need and provide holistic comfort: from physiological to external and habitat to future. The brand makes a conscious effort to cater to men of all shapes and sizes with inclusive sizing and extended fits.

How Do Saxx and All Citizens Compare?

Comparing Features

Saxx has 13 different underwear lines, each with different fabrics, to cater to your comfort and lifestyle. Common features throughout all of their lines are: an anti-roll waistband, non-chafing flat-out seams on the sides and their BallPark Pouch (which we will dive into in more depth later on).

All Citizens keeps it simple with just 2 underwear lines: the Re:Luxe Performance Microfiber underwear and the Compression Baselayer for sports. All Citizens boxer briefs all come with Mesh Breathe Zones, which are strategically placed micro vents for airflow and ventilation where you need it most (between your legs and on your lower back, Grip Thighs for no ride up legs, so you don’t have to constantly pull the legs back down, a quick access horizontal fly for a faster, more natural move it when nature calls, a thick, no-roll waistband that prevents plumber’s crack - from work to play and exercise, the Grand Canyon will remain hidden, and are packed with tons of other smart features.

One of Saxx's key features is the use of their Three-D Fit which features a nine-panel construction created to host a 3D support around your lower body. The use of the panels and seams used to connect them help you live a life of friction-free movement. 

All Citizens’ underwear design is streamlined to have no seams on the sides and back, so it’s just smooth sailing all around. No seams means no itching or chafing all over the underwear. Their high performance fabric provides a form fitting silhouette that shapes, molds and moves with your body so it feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. 

In addition to the seamless sides and back, All Citizens underwear has a wedgie-proof fit and a fre emotion gusset for unencumbered movement and stretch - there is no move you can’t pull in their underwear, including the splits.

Saxx's Flat Out Seams are a reversed design of the flatlock seam with the softer side facing down on the skin. With the Flat Out Seam, you no longer have to face the terror of itching or chafing.

Meanwhile, All Citizens uses durable flatlock seams - that are soft throughout - for their gusset. And to take durability even further, All Citizens reinforces key stress points with hard wearing bar tack stitches to ensure the longevity of their underwear. No more holes or having to throw out your underwear in a year or two - just long lasting comfort for years. 

Comparing Ball Pouches

Another key feature that All Citizens and Saxx share is the use of a hammock pouch to keep your boys safe and sound and separated from your thighs. 

Saxx calls their ball pouch the BallPark Pouch - designed to reduce friction when your skin meets your skin in a way you don't want. Their 3D hammock-shaped pouch naturally holds your boys in place. Their ball pouch design is like side walls on either side of Peter and the boys - the “wall” of fabric keeps them from coming into contact with your thighs. They’re easy to put on and wear so they are good for running errands and when you’re on the move, but if you’re planning on sitting down or relaxing sideways on a couch, prepare to pry your dude parts off of your thighs since their ball pouch doesn’t keep your nuggets from falling out backwards from the pocket. 

All Citizens has the patent-pending Paradise Pocket, which offers your giggle berries a personal home where they can chill, breathe, and be supported in a mesh hammock pouch that’s designed to handle hot summer days. No stickage, no unwanted skin-on-skin contact, no balls-to-thigh action. Just life-changing comfort.

The All Citizens Paradise Pocket holistically wraps around your majesticles for complete and total separation from your thighs. The holistic design ensures that the lads never fall out of the pocket during any activity - once you put them on, you’ll be adjust-free the whole day. It has been ranked as the most effective ball pouch by experts and customers.

Comparing Fabrics

Saxx's 13 underwear lines use various fabric blends of viscose, spandex, nylon, polyester, and elastane. All of their fabric types stretch, while some, but not all, are moisture-wicking and quick-drying. Make sure to read through all of their descriptions to figure out which ones are good for which activities. 

All Citizens set out to create the perfect underwear for any activity and for daily wear, so you can seamlessly transition from work, play and everything in between rather than having to carry around extra pairs of underwear for each activity - one pair to rule them all. 

All Citizens underwear is made with their eco-friendly Re:Luxe Performance Microfiber that is composed of 90% recycled polyester and 10% spandex. The Re:Luxe fabric is built with technical qualities for all-activity and all-weather comfort: moisture-wicking, quick-drying, 360°stretch, anti-odor, cuddling-with-pandas soft, durable, breathable, and everything-able. Each pair is made from 2 recycled plastic bottles which diverts would-be waste from landfills, oceans and incinerators and lessens our dependency on fossil fuels.

The performance features of the Re:Luxe fabric make All Citizens underwear perfect for all purposes in all climates, and it also has better colorfastness, so it retains its color and brightness wash after wash and does not fade, ensuring that your underwear looks as good as new for years.

Comparing Fits

Saxx’s makes no mention about their boxer briefs fit other than it being form-fitting around the thighs and butt.

All Citizens’ fit is also form fitting around the torso, but the front pouch is built with tons of room to breathe. The contoured, double-layered pouch was designed to comfortably fit the anatomy of men instead of a Ken doll. This means that their underwear doesn’t “mash” your bait and tackle down, and it minimizes awkward re-adjustments throughout the day. 

Then, our Grip Thighs use strong elastic to prevent your underwear’s legs from riding up and making you awkwardly re-adjust in public to pull the legs down.

Saxx Underwear's sizing ranges from XS to XXL while All Citizens offers a more inclusive size range that starts at XS and branches out to 4XL.

Underwear like All Citizens’ Re:Luxe Paradise Pocket Brief comes with different thigh fits such as Standard, Athletic, and Longer, which are built for guys with different thigh widths. They are the only brand to offer such a customizable fit for your thighs, so the tree trunk community rejoice!

For help in figuring out the best size for you, take a look at their Fit Guide for more guidance on the different fits. 

Comparing Styles

Both All Citizens and Saxx offer a range of fun patterns, colors, and styles - Saxx’s patterns are a bit more wild while All Citizens’ are a bit more refined. All Citizens offers an additional colorway called colorblock and Limited Edition patterns that are rotated and refreshed often. If you’re feeling charitable, you could also buy a pair of underwear from All Citizens’ For All Collection and aid in reforestation efforts, foodbanks and other forms of donations. 

Saxx offers an array of styles such as the Boxer Brief, Trunk, Brief, Long Leg, Loose Fit Boxer, and Tights. 

All Citizens offers styles such as the Boxer Brief, Longer Boxer Brief, Trunk, and Brief.

Comparing Social Impacts

As mentioned above, All Citizens believes that every human being has a right to be comfortable. 

With their For All social mission, they provide holistic support for communities in need across the globe with a more holistic view towards providing comfort. 

  • Physiological: access to clean drinking water, nutritious meals, mental health support, and holistic opportunities for healthy living. 
  • External: access to weather-appropriate clothing and sanitary essentials.
  • Habitat: provide comfortable living conditions, wildlife protection, and reforestation.
  • Future: provide education, equal employment opportunities, and income stability.

All Citizens collaborates with select charity partners who share the same idea of democratizing comfort by releasing a limited edition line of boxer briefs where donations are made for each pair sold. For example, with their current partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, they plant five trees to restore rainforests in Central America, Kenya, and Indonesia for every purchase of their Rainforest underwear.

Comparing Prices

All Citizens believes that comfort should be affordable because comfort is a basic human right. This is why All Citizens prices their products at less than half the price of comparable premium brands. 

When comparing the two brands and their boxer briefs, Saxx underwear costs (excluding their cotton underwear because cotton is a non-performance fabric) between $32 to $36. All Citizens Paradise Pocket boxer briefs retail for only $18, and their Classic boxer briefs are just $16. 

All Citizens also offers a $99 Drawer Refresh where you can get 6 pairs of Paradise Pocket boxer briefs for just $99, or 12 pairs for just $189 with tier Complete Drawer Refresh — bringing All Citizens’ prices to be less than half of Saxx’s.

Your wallet shouldn’t have to take a hit for designer-quality pair underwear and comfort.


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June 29, 2022 — Bridget Reed

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