You should never settle for less when it comes to your underwear. 

To be fair, you shouldn’t settle for less when it comes to anything. But underwear in particular is made to protect and serve that one oh-so-important body part and its friends. 

When you’re buying underwear, it’s essential you know who you’re buying from and why you should shop with them. Today, we’re going to compare two menswear and underwear companies: Culprit Underwear and All Citizens. 

What Is Culprit Underwear?

Culprit underwear is a men's and women's clothing company based in Southern California that primarily manufactures and sells underwear. 

Their goal is to develop and sell the perfect pair of underwear, and they are known for their loud and out-there underwear designs. It’s certainly a fun brand that puts an emphasis on self-expression. 

What Is All Citizens?

All Citizens is a menswear brand that makes high performance products and offers them at more accessible price points. From their bestselling Paradise Pocket boxer briefs to performance dress shirts, aerospace-grade aluminum sunglasses, training shorts and more. 

All Citizens’ mission is to democratize comfort because they believe comfort is a basic human right. Although they offer extremely low prices for designer-quality clothing and underwear, their goals aren’t limited to profit. All Citizens partners with select charity partners and donates key resources to communities in need to support all aspects of their comfort (not just the comfort we get from clothing).

How Do Culprit Underwear and All Citizens Compare?

The Range of Features

While both have their own share of features, it’s difficult to top All Citizens with their plethora of smart designs. 

All Citizens’ Paradise Pocket Boxer Briefs have a mesh hammock pouch to separate your family jewels from your thighs and stop BSTL from happening. Their patented ball pouch design features a 3-dimensional shape that extends into the underwear to holistically wrap around your goods so that you never fall out of the ball pouch, even when you sit, stand and move around.The Paradise Pocket gently cups your goods to keep them away from your thighs. No skin-on-skin contact means no sticking and no awkward re-adjustments.

All Citizens’ underwear is also equipped with Mesh Breath Zones, which are micro vents strategically placed where guys sweat the most (between your legs and on your lower back). Then, Grip Thighs are placed in the leg hems - that means the legs won’t ride up, so you won’t have to awkwardly tug them down through your pants. 

Finally, All Citizens has an easy-to-reach horizontal fly for a faster, more natural movement when nature calls as well as a thick, no-roll waistband to prevent plumber’s crack

Culprit Underwear has a left-side vertical fly - vertical flys require a bit more involvement than the horizontal fly, and moving the vertical fly opening from the left to the right doesn’t change that. 

On top of the smart features, All Citizens has modern front piping, a free motion gusset, seamless side and back for smooth sailing all around, a wedgie-proof fit, a locker loop, and so, so much more — there’s plenty to discover.


All Citizens boxer briefs are made with their eco-friendly Re:Luxe Performance Microfiber that is composed of 90% recycled polyester and 10% spandex. The Re:Luxe fabric is built with technical qualities for all-activity and all-weather comfort: moisture-wicking, quick-drying, 360°stretch, anti-odor, cuddling-with-pandas soft, durable, breathable, and everything-able. Each pair is made from 2 recycled bottles which diverts would-be waste from landfills, oceans and incinerators and lessens our dependency on fossil fuels. The performance features of the Re:Luxe fabric make All Citizens underwear perfect for all purposes in all climates, so you can transition from the office to a commute to a hike and then to dinner.. Their performance microfiber also has better colorfastness, so it retains its color and brightness wash after wash and does not fade, ensuring that your underwear looks as good as new for years.

The spandex is key for every and any type of movement. Lounging? The spandex moves with you when you decide to shift around in order to get comfortable. Working out? Their underwear moves with your body to handle any movement. 

Culprit underwear uses 95% micromodal primarily sourced from beech trees. While this material is certainly sustainable and breathable, beechwood fiber absorbs sweat instead of wicking it, and it’s not quick drying, so the fabric is not great for handling sweat or any level of activity. Micromodal is also prone to pilling and losing its color after a few washes, so the durability of this fabric is not great either. 

Inclusive Sizing

Everyone’s body is different and it’s important to support a wide range of shapes and sizes. 

A company's sizing compatibility is a massive —albeit underused — way to see if a company is truly for everyone, everywhere. 

In this sense, both Culprit and All Citizens offer sizes through 4XL. That’s an amazing thing to see because most clothing brands don’t offer sizes in that range. 

However, they differ in two ways: 

All Citizens offers size XS, while Culprit does not. It’s still great to see that both brands offer more sizes than most other brands, but All Citizens takes it a step further in the right direction. 

All Citizens is also the only brand to offer a variety of thigh fits in addition to a wide range of sizes. These fits include:

  • The Standard Fit is the most common fit and was designed to fit average width thighs (which is most guys)
  • The Athletic Fit was designed specifically for men with larger thighs (AKA the tree trunk community)
  • The Longer fit offers full thigh coverage that was designed for tall guys or guys who like their underwear to hit above the knee

Style Options

In terms of styles, Culprit offers boxer briefs, trunks and longer boxer briefs while All Citizens offers boxer briefs, longer boxer briefs, trunks, regular briefs, and boxers - all with or without the Paradise Pocket. 

Like we said earlier, Culprit Underwear has some pretty loud and entertaining designs. They’re definitely cool, but there’s no middle ground. It’s either loud and proud or plain and solid. 

All Citizens categorizes their 50+ colors and patterns into Classic (solids), Limited Edition patterns (which feature less cartoon-y/more classic and streamlined patterns), Bold Label, which are solid colors with a signature orange waistband, the For All Collection, where each pair sold donates specific resources to communities in need, and Colorblock. All Citizens offers an excellent selection of both serious and fun, so you can transition seamlessly from work to play. 

Charitable Contributions

Companies should use their platform to encourage positive change in the global community. 

Through All Citizens’ For All Social Mission, the brand donates to communities across the world with purchases of each pair of underwear. Their contributions range from trees planted in rain forests to donating socks and nutritious meals to the homeless. Because comfort goes beyond the clothes on your back.

Culprit underwear doesn’t list a social mission or charitable contributions on their website. 


All Citizens’ goal is to democratize comfort — so naturally, they offer the lowest prices for some of the best-quality underwear on the market. 

Their most expensive pair of underwear is $18, while others are as low as $12. All Citizens also offers a $99 Drawer Refresh where you can get 6 pairs of Paradise Pocket boxer briefs for just $99, or 12 pairs for just $189 with tier Complete Drawer Refresh — bringing All Citizens’ prices to be less than half of Culprit’s.

Culprit Underwear charges $32 per pair. They do offer a subscription membership which knocks a bit of the price off — but it’s still more expensive than All Citizens, even with the discount. 


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June 29, 2022 — Bridget Reed

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