What’s the most important article of clothing in your wardrobe? 

Shirts, pants, shoes, and accessories are all undoubtedly essential, but few pieces of clothing serve a more significant role than underwear. Underwear can be the biggest difference between the most comfortable or uncomfortable day ever. 

So, we know comfortable underwear is important. But how do you know whether or not you’re wearing and buying quality underwear? What features and materials should they use? Do they address common frustrations with standard underwear? Are they focused on innovation and comfort, or just another high-priced “premium” brand. 

These are all questions you should be asking yourself when you buy a pair of underwear. Today, we’re going to compare two underwear brands — All Citizens and MeUndies — and identify the key differences between them. 


What Is MeUndies?

MeUndies.com, started by Jonathan Shokrian, is a men's and women’s clothing brand based in California. Although their main product is underwear, they also sell shirts, pants, and PJs (and are big on podcast advertisements). 

MeUndies uses different types of loungewear to advance their goal of fueling authentic self-expression. 


What Is All Citizens?

All Citizens is a menswear brand operating out of New York. Their main product is also underwear, but they also sell performance dress shirts, training shorts, pants, and socks - everything they make is made with high performance fabrics.

All Citizens is on a mission to democratize comfort by making premium performance-based products, offering them at wallet-friendly prices, and delivering more value to all stakeholders through sustainability and charity. You’ll find them making waves on the usual social media outlets.


How Do MeUndies and All Citizens Compare?


Perfect Fits

Everyone’s body is different, so clothing companies who claim to love and support all shapes and sizes should offer inclusive sizes for their garments. 

All Citizens offers a wide range of sizes from XS through 4XL, while MeUndies only goes as low as size Small, so both brands offer very inclusive sizes. 

All Citizens takes inclusivity and helping customers get a perfectly tailored fit even further by being the only brand to offer different underwear fits. The reason for this is because guy’s thigh widths vary greatly, so in order to find a perfectly tailored fit for underwear, you need to offer different thigh fits: 

  • The Standard Fit: The most common fit that was designed to fit average width thighs (which is most guys).
  • The Athletic Fit: A fit designed specifically for men with larger thighs (AKA, the tree trunk community).
  • The Longer Fit: Full thigh coverage that was designed for tall guys or guys who like their underwear to hit above the knee.

For maximum comfort and the perfect fit, your underwear shouldn’t be exclusively one size — you need the correct size and a fit that’s right for you and your daily activities, which is exactly what All Citizens offers. 

So, while there’s nothing wrong with traditional sizing, fits for all thigh and leg shapes and sizes should be viewed as equally important. All Citizens is the onlyecommerce underwear brand that offers different thigh fits. 


Types of Fabrics

Underwear can make or break your day — we know this already. But the thing that has the biggest impact on comfort is the fabric your underwear is made of.

MeUndies offers 2 different fabrics for their underwear: MicroModal and Breathe. 

MicroModal is made with 92% MicroModal® and 8% elastane, making their underwear soft, stretchy, static-resistant, and breathable. MeUndies MicroModal fabric is also sustainable, as it’s made using beachwood trees.

Breathe is made with 69% Textured Nylon, 9% Recycled Nylon, and 22% spandex. This is an ultra-lightweight fabric with plenty of benefits like anti-odor, quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and super-stretchy technologies made with movement in mind. 

While the Breathe fabric is undoubtedly comfortable and stretchy, using virgin man-made fabrics instead of recycled versions increases the product’s environmental impact and leaves behind a larger carbon footprint. 

All Citizens’ eco-friendly Re:Luxe Performance Microfiber is made with 90% recycled polyester and 10% spandex. The Re:Luxe fabric is built with technical qualities for all-activity and all-weather comfort. Moisture-wicking, quick-drying, 360°stretch, anti-odor, cuddling-with-pandas soft, durable, breathable, and everything-able. It is also made from recycled bottles (two, to be exact) that divert waste from landfills, oceans, and incinerators and lessen our dependency on fossil fuels.


Versatile Features

MeUndies Breathe Boxer Brief with Fly has a few interesting features to note:

  • Bonded Leg Seams: While these seams are an advanced feature that keep your undies flat against your skin, they don’t stop the legs from riding up (unlike our super-powerful Grip Thighs — but more on that later). In fact, MeUndies' offerings don’t include any type of no-ride-up leg or band to keep the legs in place at all.
  • Vertical Fly: All of MeUndies’ products feature a vertical fly, which requires more finagling for you to do your business. Other styles like horizontal flys are better suited to help men get their business done with lightning speed.
  • Hidden Side Pocket: MeUndies’ Breathe line offers a hidden pocket on the side to hold your keys, credit card, and earbuds. While this feature is neat, it’s not exactly a useful place to hold your goods.

Other than the features above, there aren’t a lot of things that make MeUndies men’s offerings unique, whereas All Citizens is packed and loaded with special features.

  • The Ball Pouch: Our Paradise Pocket is one of a kind. Think of it as a special and safe place for your twig and berries to keep them away from your thighs and prevent skin-to-skin contact — say goodbye to stickage. No more awkward side step or sumo squat, just adjustment-free days ahead. None of MeUndies’ lines have a ball pouch. 
  • Mesh Zones: These microvents provide constant airflow and ventilation in the areas that sweat the most. No swamp ass, no problem.
  • Grip Thighs: Another way we prevent awkward re-adjustments, the grip elastic bands in the thighs make sure your underwear legs don’t ride up, so you don’t have to pull them down every time to sit, stand, or walk around.
  • Quick-Access Horizontal Fly:  For a faster, more natural movement when nature calls.
  • Thick, No-Roll Waistband - Stays put on your waist and doesn’t roll over or slide down. No more plumber’s crack. MeUndies uses a thinner waistband that flops over more easily.
  • Reinforced Stress Points: Don’t be that guy who gives life advice with ratty, torn-up undies. We’ve stopped rips and tears with this durable design.

Of course, that’s not all All Citizens has to offer. From flatlock seams to free motion gussets and even a useful care label that doubles as a locker loop, there’s no shortage of unique features in All Citizens’ underwear offerings. Check out the rest on the website for the full list of smart features.


A Variety of Styles

A fun underwear print might be exactly what you need in order to spice up your look. 

MeUndies offers a very wide selection of unique, cartoon-y prints and a sizeable list of solid colors — they just might even have the widest list of prints available. But sometimes, the paradox of choice may kick in due to the overwhelming number of choices, so make sure to shop at MeUndies when you aren’t facing decision fatigue from the rest of your day. 

All Citizens offers a wide range of patterns and colors that are suitable for every occasion, from a day at the office to a long run on a hot day. And they are neatly categorized for easy viewing: Limited Edition patterns, colorblocks, For All collection, and solid colors. Whatever and wherever — All Citizens has you covered. You’ll find men’s boxer briefs, t-shirts, and limited-time items.


Social Mission and Impact

While MeUndies is giving a commendable effort towards body positivity and self-expression, they don’t actively make any donations, offer tangible support to communities in need, or partner with any charity organizations. 

All Citizens takes their social mission and charity a step further with their For All Social Mission by partnering with charity partners to donate key resources to communities in need for each pair of their For All underwear collection sold — from planting five trees to donating five nutritious meals, to providing job opportunities and income stability, All Citizens built their For All Social Mission to support all aspects of comfort: physiological, external, habitat and future. 

The All Citizens For All Social Mission highlights the lack of accessible comfort throughout the world — not just in terms of clothing, and their holistic approach to giveback offers a more complete support system than standard 1-for-1 donation models that other brands use.

Both companies practice fair and sustainable working practices, but All Citizens provides tangible donations and resources to communities in need and simply has more options to give back to the global community.



There are so many factors to consider when you’re buying clothes and underwear, but perhaps none is more important than the overall price. 

Both All Citizens and MeUndies offer more accessible prices for their products. MeUndies, however, pushes you into a monthly subscription fee in order to access their lower prices — otherwise, you’re stuck with paying $26 for their MicroModal line or $34 for their Breathe line. 

All Citizens has the same below-market price for everything, with no membership required - no hidden fees, no games, no gimmicks, just fair prices all year-'round. 

All Citizens also offers a $99 Drawer Refresh where you can get 7 pairs of boxer briefs for just $99, and a Complete Drawer Refresh for 14 pairs for $189 — bringing All Citizens’ prices to be less than half of MeUndies’.



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July 14, 2022 — Bridget Reed

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