When it comes to your clothing — especially your underwear — it’s essential to know who you’re buying from and what they stand for - are they focused on innovation and comfort, or just another high-priced “premium” brand.

Today, we’re going to compare two quality menswear brands: Mack Weldon and All Citizens. 


What Is Mack Weldon?

Mack Weldon was founded to simplify shopping because they believe browsing department stores is complicated and time-consuming. Simplifying shopping is great — but isn’t that what every online retailer is doing? 


What Is All Citizens?

All Citizens’ mission is to democratize comfort because comfort is a basic human right. They do this by making better products, offering them at lower prices, and creating a better experience for all: people, planet, and helping communities in need


How Do Mack Weldon and All Citizens Compare?

While both brands produce quality underwear, they certainly differ in standout features, fabrics, prices, and styles.



The features in a pair of underwear can determine whether it’s just good or great. Both Mack Weldon and All Citizens have smart designs that make their products unique — but All Citizens has a lot more. 


Paradise Pocket Ball Pouch

All Citizens offers a line of Paradise Pocket hammock pouch underwear — the Pocket gently caresses your boys to separate them from your thighs to prevent stickage or unwanted skin-on-skin contact. No more sumo squat, elongated side step, or awkward re-adjustments. 

Mack Weldon doesn’t have a ball pouch. 


Mesh Breathe Zones

All Citizens’ micro vents create airflow where you need it most (on your lower back and between the legs). Say goodbye to swamp ass for good.

Mack Weldon has their own version of breathe zones called “cool zones” as well. 


Grip Thighs

While Mack Weldon claims they have no ride-up underwear, but customers have complained that the legs still ride up a lot. All Citizens takes the cake with their grip thighs that prevent riding up, so you never have to awkwardly tug your pants to pull your underwear down. Read the customer reviews on All Citizens’ website to see how many customers have left other brands for All Citizens because AC offers the most effective no-ride-up legs.


Quick-Access Horizontal Fly

Sometimes when nature calls, speed is the name of the game. Thankfully, All Citizens has the fastest fly with the most natural movement — it’s tactical military precision in your pants.

Mack Weldon’s underwear has a traditional keyhole fly or no-fly — both of which require a bit more focus to get in and out of. 


Thick, No-Roll Waistband

Kiss plumber’s crack goodbye with All Citizens’ thick waistband that stays put without rolling over or sliding down. All Citizen’sminimalism speaks volumes over loud branding (and it generally looks better, too). Still, this is another feature that All Citizens and Mack Weldon share.


Room to Breathe

Everything needs to breathe — and that includes your nuggets. All Citizens underwear is equipped with a contoured pouch that’s spacious enough for the male anatomy (not a Ken doll). 

It conforms naturally, so you don’t have to worry about mashing or awkward re-adjustments.

All Citizen’s pouch is roomier and more spacious than Mack Weldon’s attempt.


Seamless Side and Back

No chafing, no itching. All Citizens knows that life is good when you’re comfortable. Mack Weldon also features seamless designs for comfort.


Reinforced Stress Points

No rips and tears mean you’ll rarely have to keep buying underwear to replace worn out ones, All Citizens reinforces key stress points with durable stitching built for torsion and strength to prevent rips and holes. Combine the no-risk of plumber’s crack, and you can do anything you want with no risk of showing off where the sun doesn’t shine. 

Mack Weldon’s underwear is not reinforced in key stress points. 


Center Crotch Seam

Protect yourself from chafing, tame your bulge, and leave your shroom’s outline to the imagination with All Citizen’s center crotch seam.


Locker Loop

All Citizen’s care label doubles as a locker loop for easy hanging and drying anywhere from a gym locker to a coat hanger to a tree branch). 


Wedgie-Proof Fit

All Citizens’ modern fit simply stops wedgies. Something so simple is actually one of the most important features. 




All Citizens

Every pair of All Citizens underwear is made from recycled bottles that divert waste from landfills and oceans, lessening our dependency on fossil fuels. ultra-soft so you’ll stay comfortable all day long.

All Citizens’ eco-friendly Re:Luxe Performance Microfiber fabric is sweat-wicking and quick-drying. Its 360° stretch, anti-odor properties, and technical qualities provide all-activity and all-weather comfort. Plus, it’s as soft as cuddling with a baby panda, breathable, and everything-able. 


Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon’s material leaves a lot to be desired in terms of their carbon footprint. They don’t use eco-friendly fabrics, and only some of their fabrics are performance fabrics. 

Their 18-hour jersey boxer briefs absorbs sweat instead of wicking sweat, so you’ll be sitting in a puddle on a hot day. They aren’t quick-drying, they aren’t anti-odor, and they aren’t pill-resistant. Plus, their color will begin to fade after a few washes — meaning your shiny new underwear will lose its luster quicker than expected.

As for their silver fabric, you can expect these briefs to absorb sweat instead of wicking, too, and they aren’t quick drying either.

 Their AirKnitx fabric is the closest to All Citizens’ high-performing Re:Luxe fabric, but AirKnitx isn’t made with eco-friendly fabric
 — so you’re gaining comfort at the expense of our planet.



When it comes to underwear, nobody wants to pay more than they should. 

While All Citizens is working towards democratizing comfort by offering designer clothes at an affordable price, Mack Weldon is almost double the price of a pair of All Citizens underwear. So much for simple shopping. 

For Mack Weldon, some of their underwear can reach prices between $40 and $50. All Citizens offers their Classic underwear for $16 and the Paradise Pocket line for $18. 

All Citizens also offers a $99 Drawer Refresh where you can get 7 pairs of Classic underwear or 6 pairs of Paradise Pocket boxer briefs for just $99. And if you want even more savings, you can get the Complete Drawer Refresh, where you can get 14 pairs of Classic underwear or 12 pairs of Paradise Pocket boxer briefs for just $189 — bringing All Citizens’ prices to less than half of Mack Weldon’s.

Mack Weldon and All Citizens may share some similarities — but they’re nowhere close in price despite All Citizens displaying better quality and more features.



Clothing brands should offer inclusive sizing for every shape and size. 

All Citizens offers sizes XS to 4XL, while Mack Weldon stops at XXL. Additionally, All Citizens is the only brand to offer extensive fits as well: their Standard, Athletic, and Longer fits provide even more fit customizations for guys with different thigh widths. 



You’ve got to have some style with your undies. 

Mack Weldon does offer different colors for their underwear, but they don’t have too many fun patterns — mostly just solid colors. 

All Citizens offers a variety of styles so you cancan fit any mood or activity. There are times to be fun and times to be serious, and All Citizens offers excellent choices for both. 


Social Mission

We touched on this in the beginning, and it’s clear which company does more for the global community. 

Mack Weldon partners with Good+Foundation to provide goods and services to low-income parents, which is awesome.Still, when a company’s only goal is to simplify shopping, you begin to wonder if there’s a little more they could be doing. 

All Citizens For All Social Mission highlights the lack of accessible comfort throughout the world. 

By partnering with multiple different social and charitable organizations, All Citizens has made it possible to connect with and contribute to communities in need across the globe. All you have to do is buy a pair of their underwear and they donate to global causes. 

It’s an amazing feeling to give back — and one that All Citizens doesn’t take for granted.


Underwear Packaging

Every pair of All Citizens underwear is shipped in a tamper-proof bag that is made with recycled materials — just like our underwear. 

The tight seal on the bag absolutely guarantees it would be impossible for the underwear to be anything other than brand-spankin' new. 

Mack Weldon’s simplified shopping comes in bags that can be easily resealed — meaning there’s no way to be 100% certain that a customer is getting what they paid for. 



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July 14, 2022 — Bridget Reed

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