It’s everyone’s dream: designer clothes that don’t make you shed a tear when you look at your bank account.

“But if it’s not expensive, it’s not designer! You’re paying for the brand and quality!”

Wrong! A designer fashion brand is thought of as the cream of the crop — the ultimate and most expensive clothing on the market. 

But why? “Designer” clothes function the same as other clothes and can sometimes be the same or worse quality, and they are usually made in the same factories as many mass market brands. Furthermore, designer clothes rarely have smart features to make them perform better or be more comfortable. Well, we’re introducing a new category to menswear: premium performance-based products with incredible comfort at a more affordable price, with sustainability and charity at their core. 

Why spend $500 on a single pair of Versace underwear when you can get an entire week’s worth of high-quality, durable, and comfortable underwear for less than $100? 

Below, we’re going to go through what makes our underwear better than “designer” and why you should think twice about dropping your hard-earned money on something that is much better for much less. 


Designer Clothes Explained

Most people only venture into designer shops to window shop. Some save up for months or years to buy a single article of clothing that looks a lot like something you could buy at the store across the mall for hundreds of dollars less. 

Now, this isn’t an attack on people who love designer clothing. We have all been programmed to like designer clothes through decades of advertising and celebrity endorsements. It makes you feel and look good.

However, the theory and idea behind designer clothes goes against a lot of rational thinking, especially when you’re talking about underwear. Why pay a lot more for one article of clothing that is not that unique and not that much better in terms of quality than most mass market brands?

Wouldn’t you rather use that money for a truly unique experience or a necessity? 

We’re not here to tell you how to spend your money. If you want to buy something designer, go for it. If it makes you feel good, why not? 

All we’re simply trying to do is point you in the right direction for more practical shopping. A lot of people prefer quality over quantity, so wouldn’t it be perfect if there was an affordable luxury brand where you could purchase the quality while getting the quantity? 


Why Are Designer Clothes So Expensive?

Expensive is actually an understatement. Most single-designer items cost more than what the average American pulls in per week. 

$1,000 white T-shirts. $2,500 loafers. $500 underwear. Humans desire what’s hard to get, so people will pay up. It’s human nature. 

A designer suit or shoes for a special event is totally understandable. If you have extra cash and want to splurge, nobody is stopping you. But underwear? Come on. There has to be a pair of underwear out there that’s more comfortable and stylish than any designer brand and costs less than half the price (hint: there is). 

At All Citizens, we design luxury underwear that doesn’t require a small loan to purchase. Our mission is to democratize comfort and to make comfort more accessible to all, so unlike other direct-to-consumer brands who charge very premium prices that are close to some designer label prices, we chose to offer our products at less than half the price of the competition. 

And while our prices are half of their’s, our performance and comfort is more than twice their products. The reason for this is because we invest 3 times more in using the highest quality performance fabrics, and constructing out products with smart features that address common frustrations guys have with underwear: our underwear doesn’t ride up, offers incredible breathability and ventilation, and has a patent-pending Paradise Pocket that separates your nuggets from your thighs (yes, really).


The Environmental Impact of Designer Clothes

Not only are traditional designer clothes the most expensive type of clothing in the world, but they also contribute to the fashion industry’s growing carbon footprint - over 10% of global carbon emissions can be attributed to the fashion industry. Although designer clothes typically use more expensive and eco-friendly materials such as silk and cashmere than mass market brands, the durability and longevity of their garments are called into question - they just aren’t built to last like they used to be. 

Ever hear your parents say that so-and-so designer label’s products just aren’t as good as they used to be? That’s because most designer labels have started substituting cheaper materials for their products all while increasing their prices, especially during the COVID pandemic, so their already massively inflated margins just got even better (and consumers are paying for those massive margins in the form of high prices) 

We took a very different approach by investing in more sustainable performance fabrics for our boxer briefs, undershirts and socks - the yarn is made from recycled plastic bottles, so each of our garments diverts thousands of plastic bottles from landfills, oceans and incinerators and helps us lessen our dependency on fossil fuels every year. Every pair of underwear is made from yarn from 2 recycled plastic bottles, our undershirts have 6 bottles and our socks have 1 bottle plus yards of yarn from recycled fish nets. 

All Citizens is better for you (and your wallet) and better for our planet. 


All Citizens is Better Than Designer Clothing All Around

In addition to using more eco-friendly materials and production methods, we counteract the environmental impact of shipping by offering carbon neutral shipping on all global orders, offer a $99 Drawer Refresh to give our customers more essential products for less (so your underwear wardrobe overhaul doesn’t break the bank) and we have a streamlined returns process and better products that helped us achieve a product return rate that is 10 times lower than the average for ecommerce apparel, meaning a lot less resources are wasted shipping multiple packages multiple directions and laundering and repacking returned items. 

Our material is incredibly durable and we reinforce key stress points on all of our products so that they don’t rip or get holes for years, which means less throwing away your clothes and lower carbon footprint and waste. So you can help with the climate crisis by simply buying better products from better brands who care about you and the planet.


Changing the Definition of “Designer”

Designer clothes typically serve one function - flashy, branded fashion garments, but they don’t let you easily transition from all of life’s activities - commuting, the office, the gym, happy hour, a hike - you have to bring a change of clothes for each activity, which is a concern considering their high prices. That’s why we sought to create premium, eco-friendly underwear that won’t set you back financially and has all the performance features you need to take on whatever life throws at you. 

The days of using all of your extra spending money to buy designer clothes are over. We still consider ourselves as a designer brand, but just much better for everyone involved, especially our customers. Durable clothing that makes you look good, feel comfortable, and doesn’t cost a small fortune. 


What Makes All Citizens Underwear Different?

Our underwear is filled with features that you would never find in name-brand designer underwear. 

  • Our Mesh Breathe Zones are carefully placed where guys sweat most (the lower back and between the legs) to create a steady airflow throughout, so you never have to worry about sweating through a pair of underwear. 
  • The ball pouch (or Paradise Pocket, as we like to call it) ensures there’s never any unwanted skin-on-skin contact that can cause irritation. Made with breathable mesh, you can kiss awkward re-adjustments goodbye.
  • Grip Thighs stay put on your legs, so your undies never ride up. This gripping band around your thighs is your new BFF. 
  • Our durability ensures that you don’t have to keep spending on underwear so you can reduce your carbon footprint. 
  • Flexible and stretchy material means your underwear moves with you, not the other way around.

There’s so much more to explore with All Citizens. In addition to our effort to create a clean, sustainable underwear brand, we are always focused on democratizing comfort. 



Nobody should have to miss out on comfort. We view comfort like food and water; it should be a necessity given to everyone on earth. Cost should never be associated with being comfortable. 

All Citizens delivers the feeling of a designer brand at nowhere near the cost. It’s a rare, albeit beautiful, thing. 

Go green, go affordable, go All Citizens! 



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August 04, 2022 — Bridget Reed

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