Re:Luxe Paradise Pocket™ Boxer

$ 18.00
Half the price of other premium underwear
Ball pouch
Eco-friendly performance microfiber
Mesh breathe zones
Horizontal fly


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What pants size do you wear?

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Product Description

A high performance ball pouch underwear for men that provides unparalleled comfort by separating your “boys” from your thighs. No more awkward sumo squat or elongated side step - just life-changing comfort and adjustment-free days.

We used a custom built, eco-friendly, high performance microfiber to make this ball pouch underwear more luxurious, durable, breathable, sweat-wicking, quick-drying, stretchy, incredibly soft, anti-odor and anti-chafing. To push breathability even further, we added mesh Breathe Zones for more airflow and uncompromising ventilation where you need it most. Bye, swamp crotch. 

This pair packs all the features you need for work, sweat, play and everything in between (because you’ve got better things to do than remembering to pack an extra pair): Grip Thighs that never ride up or bunch, a horizontal fly for a more natural movement when nature calls, reinforced stress points for extra durability to last for years, and 15+ other smart features for more comfort, performance and durability.


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Do not bleach

So easy, you won't need to call mom for help. 
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Fabric: 90% recycled polyester, 10% spandex

Re:Luxe Paradise Pocket™ Boxer

$ 18.00
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Customer Reviews

Based on 1003 reviews
Eric C. (United States)
Very comfortable

The pouch to drop your berries is a little awkward but after they're in you don't even notice they're separate.

Jeremiah I. (Canada)
B3NTH competition

I have about 15 pairs of MyPackage/B3NTH underwear as they are the gold standard IMO. All Citizen is really comfortable as well, but they don't fit quite as well. I find the poach to be a little too restrictive and the part where your plumbing goes is a bit problematic as there's not a whole lot of space in there. A few times my little soldier was conducting some reconnaissance and went full rogue. That was an embarrassing, uncomfortable sensation and you have to try to readjust with your hands in your pockets if you know what I mean.

I like the feel the of the material, the colours/patterns are cool. They just need a few minor adjustments and this would be an amazing pair of boxers.

L.A. (United States)
Really nice!

These guys are pretty nice! Very comfortable and easy to keep everything nice and separated/situated. I wasn’t sure how well that front pouch would work but once I put them on, I was actually pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to get my junk in and out

Breeze through your day in
comfortable, adjustment-free underwear


that was designed
to move with you

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