The Drawer Refresh Upgrade allows you to qualify for our preferred pricing packs - such as the $99 Drawer Refresh - by combining 2 orders together (orders must be made within 15 days of each other). This allows you to try our products first before you commit to a larger order. We'll even refund you the shipping cost on your first order (US orders only).


If it is your first time trying All Citizens boxer briefs, we recommend ordering 1 pair to try out and find the perfect fit. If you would like to upgrade to a Preferred Pricing pack after your first order, just:

  • Purchase the remaining garments for that pack within 15 days of your original purchase
  • Add a comment to your order to indicate that you would like to upgrade (you can do this during the checkout process)
  • Include your original order number in the comment
  • Then place your order.
  • We will refund the difference within 3 days of your upgrade order and will even refund the shipping costs (US orders only) on your original order!


See the example below:

  • Order 1 pair of boxer briefs to test out ($15 + $2.50 shipping = $17.50)
  • Test them out and love them
  • Order 6 more pairs of boxer briefs within 15 days of your original order to complete the $99 Drawer Refresh ($15 x 6 = $90; Preferred Pricing will also be applied to all units above 6 pairs if you choose to order more)
  • We'll refund you $8.50, so the total you’ve paid for both orders is $99


The reason we are able to offer lower prices on Preferred Pricing packs is because of the lower shipping and fulfillment costs when a customer purchases in bulk - rather than keep the savings ourselves, we pass them to you in the form of lower prices. Because of this, and the lower margins as a result, we are unable to offer free returns or exchanges on packs as the shipping and restocking fees would be too significant to offer the lower prices – this is why we recommend trying a pair before purchasing a Drawer Refresh.

We still accept returns and exchanges for all orders if the boxer briefs are still in their original packaging and have not been tried on, washed, or damaged. For more information on our returns and exchanges policy, click here.



Note: the preferred pricing programs can not be combined with any other promotions, coupons, or program discounts.