Oh, tighty-whities. They’re like The Notebook — classic, but terrible. 

Apologies to those of you who are fans of The Notebook, but it’s the best example we could come up with. 

Now, after reading that, you’ve likely fallen into one of two categories: The people who said, “Wait, people still wear tighty-whities?” and those who said, “What’s wrong with my tighty-whities?” 

If you fall under the latter, throw your tighty-whities away ASAP. They are the worst kind of underwear for adult men, both in terms of hygiene and look (AKA sex appeal)

Below, we’re going to discuss why tighty-whities are bad for you and what a viable solution is.


Are There Benefits to Wearing Tighty-Whities?

We’re going to keep this short and sweet: No. 

No shame if you’re still wearing your tighty-whities. You just probably haven’t heard about the adverse effects of wearing them as an adult, right?

Still, it’s definitely time for a switch. 

A lot of people prefer to work out in tight underwear in order to avoid their junk going places it shouldn’t be (and wedgies). That’s fine! Tight underwear is useful on some occasions. But tighty-whities, specifically? Not so much. 

There are so many more comfortable types of underwear that won’t harm your genital hygiene. 

That’s not exactly a hot take, and most adult men would agree. Maybe the title of this section should’ve been “Ripping on Tighty-Whities in Under 250 Words.”

This is a judgment-free zone, but there are some negative and even dangerous side effects of consistently wearing tighty-whities. 


The Cons of Wearing Tighty-Whities

From endangering your sperm count to feeling cramped, there’s no shortage of downsides to wearing tighty-whities. 


Don’t Cramp Your Style (and Your Package)

They’re called tighty-whities for a reason: They’re tight! (And white.)

With no ball pouch, flexibility, or breathability anywhere to be found, it’s a hard-knock life for your stick and pebbles. 

It’s a small space down there! That’s like inviting your friends over to stay the night, but you don’t have a guest room. It’s cramped, and nobody is comfortable. 

Now, not all tight underwear is bad. Most of you are probably wearing tight underwear as you’re reading this.

Underwear needs to be breathable, and hopefully, whatever underwear you’ve got on has enough airflow to keep your nether regions dry or a hammock pouch (aka Paradise Pocket) to ensure you’re protecting yourself down there with maximum comfort. 


Your Future Kids Will Thank You

Your future kids will thank you — because tighty-whities can literally prevent their existence. 

Research and studies have shown that men who consistently wear tighty-whities (or tight underwear in general) have a lower sperm count than those who don’t. In fact, those who wore boxer briefs as their primary underwear had a 25% higher sperm count. 

Knowing this, why take the chance? 

You need something that’s as dope and stylish as you are — something you shouldn’t be embarrassed to show off when the time is right. 


The Big Three

Heat, sweat, and friction. 

The Big Three are sworn enemies of quality underwear. It's a Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker kind of rivalry — or like the Red Sox vs. the Yankees. You get the point.

With tighty-whities, you’re more likely to go to the dark side.

Everyone has experienced the feeling of your jewels sticking to places where they shouldn’t be stuck. You get a moment of relief when you “solve the problem,” but a few minutes later, they end up right where they were before. 

Why? Well, this all comes down to the Big Three. First, the heat begins to make you sweat. Sweat can’t evaporate without air, and when your berries begin to stick, friction is created, which blocks the air from doing its job. 

Thus, the Big Three works its magic, and you’re in for an uncomfortable walk. Not only do tighty-whities lack protection against the Big Three, they actually encourage it. 

With tighty-whities, your boys don’t have anything to stop them from going nuts (pun intended). It’s like an untrained dog — say and do whatever you want; it just won’t listen. 


What’s the Solution?

We’ve talked the talk; now it’s time to walk the walk.

At All Citizens, we design underwear that is meant to undo all of the horrors tighty-whities cause. Our Paradise Pocket hammock pouch is made with breathable mesh to ensure the Big Three won’t ever make an appearance. It’s designed to keep your junk exactly where it was intended to be: No friction, no problem. 

Our underwear is also the perfect size. Not tight enough to do any harm to your fertility, but not loose enough to show off any unwanted cracks. And that cramped feeling? Yeah, that won’t be a problem anymore with our contoured and spacious pouch that fits the anatomy of men (and not a Ken doll).

The material used in our underwear is 90% recycled polyester and 10% Spandex. It’s stretchy, flexible, breathable, and comfortable. The seamless side construction means less stitching, less itching, and less chafing.

No matter what your plans are for the day, we're here to make sure you’re feeling the love. 

Exercising? Dope. The Mesh Breathe Zones and quick-drying fabric ensure that there’s never any unwanted moisture that hangs around. The Mesh Breathe Zones are strategically located where guys sweat the most (on the lower back and between the legs) for more airflow and ventilation down there. This helps keep you “goods” cool and sweat free, which also helps make the perfect environment for making your swimmers and keep your fertility rate up.

Wedgies? Get outta here. Our Grip Thighs are here to make sure your legs never ride up, so you don’t have to awkwardly readjust in front of people. 

Working? Cool. The fabric is so soft you won’t even feel a thing. Go through your workday in complete comfort. 

Chillin’? Nice. Lounge around on your off day, after a long day, and everything in-between. 

We believe comfort should be for everyone. It’s not just underwear — it’s a lifestyle. 



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July 14, 2022 — Bridget Reed

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