Let’s be real: when guys shop for performance socks, we often choose the first (and cheapest) pair we see. While there’s nothing wrong with saving a little cash, but the right ankle socks can make or break your workout.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a pair of socks with elite performance features at the cheapest possible price? That’s just what All Citizens is offering.


What Features Should I Look for in Performance Ankle Socks?

Now, you’re probably thinking we might be a little biased. So, are we? You’re darn right we are — because we offer the best socks in the world. 

Every single clothing item you wear should be versatile and have performance features that make your day more comfortable. That doesn’t exclude All Citizens Performance Ankle Socks with features like a mesh upper, an anatomical design, and a high-pile cushioned footbed. 


Mesh Upper for Ventilation and Airflow

Just like our underwear, shorts, pants, and shirts, our socks have a mesh layer that allows for better ventilation and airflow. 

You can’t enjoy a workout if your feet are soaked. The mesh layer in our socks ensures that there’s enough airflow to evaporate and wick every single drop of sweat that comes your way. 

Stop wearing thick socks that don’t absorb moisture — it’s just unhealthy. Get yourself a pair of socks that won’t feel like you’re walking through the Nile with every step you take.


Anatomical Design To Fit Both Feet Just Right

Whether they’re too tight or big, the wrong fit for your socks can make for a brutal walk, run, or workout. If they’re too small, sometimes your ankle will be exposed and blisters can form. If they’re too big, that’s a ton of fabric for sweat to become trapped in and create odors. 

All Citizens socks are anatomically designed to snap right onto your foot: Not too tight and definitely not too big. They are quite literally the perfect size that fits all. 


High-Pile Cushioned Footbed

    With our custom high-pile cushion, it’s like your feet are always laying in their own personal bed. It’ll feel like you’re constantly walking on a cloud without falling through. We’re talking “cuddling with pandas” soft. 

    This is especially important for runs or long walks. You don’t want your feet to get battered and uncomfortable during exercise — that will ruin the whole experience. 

    So, get the most out of your movement routines with our footbed. Your feet will never feel more comfortable than this.


    No-Slip Compression Center

      The no-slip compression center in every pair of All Citizens socks ensures your feet won’t be slipping and sliding throughout the day. 

      Our socks are designed to apply pressure where it’s needed in the most comfortable way possible. Basically, your feet won’t feel like they’re suffocating and will always stay where they’re meant to be. 

      It’s a subtle detail that most socks don’t have — especially most performance socks.


      Eco-Friendly Recycled Fabric

        All Citizens's gear is always made from recycled fabric, and our socks are no exception. 

        Rather than let some synthetic fabrics decompose for centuries, we prefer to put it to use. That goes for our underwear, T-shirts, pants, and of course, socks. 

        The fashion industry has one of the largest environmental impacts out of any sector. The next time you’re shopping for clothes, take notice of the material you’re buying. As we said, some fabrics can take decades or centuries to decompose, while others don’t decompose at all. 

        Using recycled materials is a huge step in the right direction toward cutting down on the fashion industry’s carbon footprint. It can all start with something as small as a pair of socks.


        Seamless Toe for Durability

          Our socks are designed so there is never an itchy and annoying seam sewn in where your toes are. Like with the footbed, your dogs will always be comfy. 

          This also helps with durability. Your socks feel the most movement where your toes are, meaning it’s the likeliest place to rip. Thankfully, there’s no seam there to rip, so you won’t have to worry about that. 


          Y-Stitched Heels for an Ultra-Comfy Fit

            Our Y-stitched heels allow for a super comfortable fit that will never lead to discomfort. Once again, they’re a perfect fit — they won’t squeeze your feet but won’t be too loose, either. 


            Ankle and Topside Tabs To Protect from Chaffing 

              Everyone’s biggest problem and concern with socks is that they’ll get blisters or discomfort from chaffing when your foot comes into contact with their shoe. 

              We’ve all had to put band-aids on our heels before because our socks simply didn’t get the job done. It’s uncomfortable and can ruin our entire day. 

              Fortunately, every pair of All Citizens socks has small tabs located on the ankle and topside to block blisters from forming. 


              Half the Price of Comparable Premium Brands

                Finally, and maybe most importantly, our ankle socks are inexpensive! 

                Nobody wants to pay a premium for socks. Socks are important, but you don’t want to spend a boatload of money on them. You won’t find a more reasonably priced pair of socks that have all the features we included.


                The Only Socks You’ll Ever Need

                The most durable, versatile, and cheapest pair of socks on the market — the All Citizens Performance Ankle Sock is the only pair you’ll ever need. 

                We wish we could say they’ll knock your socks off, but the fit is so perfect and snug that could never happen. 

                They are actually the only pair of socks you’ll ever need, as they can be worn through a seamless transition of work to play and vice versa. 

                Help us in our mission to democratize comfort for all, and we’ll see you out there in your spiffy new socks. 


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                October 13, 2022 — Bridget Reed

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