When strutting down the street dressed in your best, you can feel like a new man. From the way you've styled your hair to your new kicks, the way you carry yourself can give off the appearance of confidence. But even when your outward appearance is rocking, confidence starts with what's underneath those layers.

We're talking about your underwear — the most important layer. Sometimes the best-dressed person you see is hiding behind a confident facade. But why fake that confidence when you can be confident and sexy through and through? 

Today, All Citizens is here to share how to look good and feel confident in mens sexy underwear.


What Are Sexy Men’s Underwear Styles?

When trying to find your inner sexy, the first thing to look at is underwear styles. We’re used to seeing sexy lingerie for women, but what’s the male underwear equivalent of a lace thong?

Underwear styles can range from barely there to fully covered, but not all of them will suit your style or catch your partner’s fancy. Once you find a style that makes you feel good, you may find yourself doing the Bully McGuire dance from Spiderman


Boxer Briefs

The ever-evolving boxer brief has a way of making you look good and feel good. As they come in a multitude of materials like silk, cotton, and polyester, boxer briefs have come a long way from their classic boxer short design.

The modern boxer brief like All Citizens' The Re:Luxe Paradise Pocket™ Boxer Brief contains Grip Thighs which keep your boxer briefs from riding up. As they cut off mid-thigh, boxer briefs can give your legs the appearance of being longer, leaner, and more muscular.

Boxer briefs are the most common type of underwear worn by guys between ages 20 to 48, so partners are more used to seeing them on guys (and probably prefer them to other styles). 

Boxer briefs also come in a longer fit when compared to briefs and offer maximum comfort that works with any lifestyle, whether active or more sedentary.


Longer Boxer Briefs

Depending on the boxer brief style, different cuts can highlight an area of your body that you didn't know could look so good.

Our Longer Briefs hit right above the knee and are designed to fit men of all thigh circumferences. With cloth going down towards your knee, you immediately get the chance to highlight your calf muscles and flex a little on your walks. 

With Longer Briefs, you benefit from having more coverage while also getting that support that can make you feel safe. If you aren't sure about how much coverage you want, our Fit Guide is the perfect place to measure yourself and determine the length you want.



In your search for confidence while wearing sexy underwear, something to think about is whether or not you feel supported. Some men's underwear can leave you wanting more, while other bestsellers can provide you with the right amount of support that leaves you feeling like you were in capable hands.

Brief underwear is designed to cut off under your butt cheeks, creating a snug hold that sometimes gives off the appearance of having "junk in the trunk." As they are frequent collaborators with other underwear styles, classic briefs are one of many ways you can get that lift while maintaining your comfort.

With men’s briefs, you want to find the pair of undies that can support your crown jewels while also holding your cheeks. A contour pouch can go a long way. With the right pair of men's underwear, you can rest easy knowing you look good and have the dream team of support. 

FYI: If you think you're the only one noticing that your butt looks good, we promise you're not.



A frequent collaborator with briefs, boxers are found in the typical underwear drawer. A silhouette similar to boxer briefs, boxers cut off on your thigh about mid-way. All Citizens' The Paradise Pocket™ Boxer offers you the option of choosing between a boxer brief and a regular boxer. 

With boxers, you have the freedom of movement that comes with having looser ends on the legs. While you can move freely with the boxer brief, it's nice to have options. With our boxers, there's no sacrifice of comfort when deciding.

We give you the choice of protecting your giggle berries with our paradise pocket, which works as a mesh hammock pouch designated to hold your cherries in a comfortable pocket away from your skin. This allows for ample movement without any awkward movements to get things back in place.

The length of the boxers will add to your legs looking lean and in shape.



Underwear that works well for men of a slimmer build, trunks offer less coverage and are a shorter fit on the body. Trunks conform to your legs and offer a snug fit. Like boxer briefs, they can work well for any activity level or lifestyle.

Trunks and boxer briefs can be easily mistaken for one another, so an easy way of telling them apart would be by looking at their lengths.

If you want more coverage, you can always opt for a boxer brief, but if you're into more skin being exposed, Trunks are the way to go.

Of course, these aren’t the only sexy styles to consider: men’s thong underwear, men’s g-string underwear, men’s jockstraps, and more are around if that’s what suits your fancy. Hey, there are even men’s lingeriebodysuits and garters! Whether you prefer a sexy thong or a low-risebikini brief is totally up to you.


How It Feels While You’re Wearing Them

Call us crazy, but it pays to check yourself out in your underwear. It's like back-to-school shopping or that moment when you've finally purchased those shoes you've been eyeing for months. When you buy something new to wear, you try things on with it and check yourself out.

And let's face it, we're not just looking from one angle. 

When trying out a new pair of underwear, imagine that you're participating in a body-building contest. Waltz up to your mirror and strike a few poses. Be goofy with it. Being able to laugh at yourself is a great way to boost your confidence while also gauging what makes you smile. 

In the process, you'll find yourself having fun with your underwear. Before you know it, you'll love how you feel in them.

Remember, nothing ruins your sexy briefs like a sweat stain. Men’s underwear brands need to do more than just cover male genitalia — moisture-wicking fabrics with breathability is key. Think recycled performance microfiber, made with Spandex to feel like the good devil you are.


The Presentation

Underwear styles can play a big part in your confidence. When choosing the pair you want, what grabs your attention first? Is it the color, the design features, or the way you’re feeling? 

Presentation can work both ways when you’re deciding, and your confidence can be the same way.

Presentation also refers to how your “goods” are supported and presented to your partner. You don’t want undies with a small front pouch that mashes your goods down. Look for underwear that has plenty of room in the front to fit all the “boys” comfortably - the pouch should fit the anatomy of men, not a Ken doll. 


The Outward Appearance

While we've given you a taste of the underwear styles you can choose from to feel confident, we should mention that how you choose to present yourself matters when gauging your inner confidence and feeling good in your underwear.

Sometimes, it's how you show your goods off.

It may not be everyone's style, but some men like to give a teaser of their underwear via the waistband, showcasing the brand name peeking from the waistline of their jeans. Some just like to show off their Adonis belt. It's like a teaser of what's to come.

Whatever way you want to tease your partner, being able to wear a pair of good quality underwear and feel sexy teasing them is the fun in your outer appearance. Pair it with t-shirts and tank tops, or show off your chest hair and #FreeTheNipple.

Whatever you're confident about showcasing, we say show it with pride. So long as it's appropriate for the public, of course.


The Inward Appearance

While looking good in your underwear is a great way to boost those serotonin levels and get that self-confidence working, it's important to know how you feel within the body wearing that underwear.

Your feelings matter just as much as how you want to feel when you look in a mirror. Sure, compliments are confidence boosters and can make your day, but in the end, those can only last so long. What matters most is that you feel confident and sexy when you see yourself. 

If you need a homework assignment to build up your confidence, try finding something new about yourself every day and give yourself your kudos. Today, you may like how long and lean your calves look in your briefs. Tomorrow maybe something else. Find something and pat yourself on the back.



We can't develop confidence overnight. It's something that can start with being small and will gradually grow with your assistance. With the right underwear style, knowing the fit that compliments you, and listening to your heart on what works for you, you can feel good and confident in men's sexy underwear.



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July 14, 2022 — Bridget Reed

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