Materials. Features. Environmental and community impact. Affordable prices

These are all the things you should be looking for when you’re shopping for clothes. 

Some brands set out to innovate and achieve internal growth while supporting a healthy global community, while others are there to simply sell you a product with nothing else to offer.

Still, every brand is different. Although many will share similarities, there are a few key details that separate the good from the bad. Underwear is no exception. 

We’re going to look at two menswear powerhouses — 2Undr and All Citizens — and see how they compare in terms of their brand goals, inclusivity, material and features, prices and their overall global impact. 


What Is 2Undr?

2Undr is a menswear company based out of Vancouver, Canada. 

Their main inspiration stems from a kangaroo pouch (AKA a ball pouch, ball pouch or ball pocket), and they’re dedicated to creating a versatile and comfortable clothing line.

While 2Undr makes quality clothing and underwear, charitable and sustainability initiatives are notably absent from their company information. So beyond their product offering and branding, it is difficult to gauge exactly how or why they are any different from the rest. 


What Is All Citizens?

All Citizens has one clear goal: to democratize comfort. 

They are dedicated to creating the most innovative, high-performing products at accessible prices with a focus on comfort, performance, durability and sustainability. In a nutshell, they make premium products at affordable prices with an experience that’s better for all (people and planet).

They are most famous for their patent-pending Paradise Pocket ball pouch boxer briefs that separate your family jewels from your thighs. 


How Do 2Undr and All Citizens Compare?

Both companies produce premium menswear and their hammock pouch boxer briefs are leading the pack with their patented designs. 

You may be thinking that all ball pouch underwear is made the same and that underwear is simply something you wear and nothing more. However, there are a ton of differences and features that deliver more comfort than others, so let’s dive in. 


Ideal Fits

For a brand to be inclusive and stand for comfort for all, they need to offer inclusive sizes so that everyone can access their products. 

All Citizens offers sizes XS through 4XL, while 2Undr only ranges from S through 2XL. 

We’re certainly not saying that 2Undr is implying anything by not offering a wider range of sizes, but they could benefit from aligning with more of the population. . 

Additionally, All Citizens is the only brand to offer different underwear fits for different thigh widths: Standard fit, which is made for guys with average thigh widths (which is most guys), and the Athletic fit was custom made for guys with larger thighs.


What’s the Best Fabric for Underwear? Versatility is Key.

What’s the biggest culprit of uncomfortable underwear? The material. 

All Citizens underwear is made with their eco-friendly Re:Luxe Performance Microfiber, which is a high-performance microfiber that is 90% recycled polyester and 10% spandex. It’s a rare combination of stretch and softness that truly makes this underwear one of a kind. It feels like you’re cuddling with a panda, and it’s anti-odor, sweat-wicking, incredibly breathable and quick-drying capabilities keep you comfy for all activities in all climates. Because of its performance properties, All Citizens’ boxer briefs are versatile enough for daily wear and the gym, sports or intense workouts.

The Spandex allows the underwear to follow your body’s movements and not get stretched out or torn, which is incredibly helpful during exercise, running errands around the city, walking your dog, or anything in between.

2Undr uses a modal fabric made with beechwood fiber. While the fabric is undeniably soft and comfortable, modal absorbs sweat instead of wicks and isn’t quick-drying, so you’ll find yourself sitting in soggy underwear on hot summer days. 


Ball Pouch Design

If you’re a more active guy and rarely sit still, your underwear needs to have innovative features to keep up with your active lifestyle. 

Both All Citizens and 2Undr underwear share one distinctive feature: the ball pouch. All Citizens calls theirs the Paradise Pocket, whereas 2Undr refers to it as the Joey Pouch. But not all ball pouches are created equal and they vary greatly in design, functionality, and effectiveness.


The U Shape

This is the simplest ball pouch design and is one that 2Undr uses, and it unfortunately isn’t very effective in keeping your balls separated from your thighs.

To make this ball pouch, the fabric is cut into a “U” shape where you majesticles go into the empty space in the middle of the “U.” This works well if you stand perfectly still, but as soon as you take your first step, move around or sit, you immediately fall out of the pocket - this design makes it too easy to fall out of the pocket. 

This is the type of design brands use when they don’t focus on innovation and just use standard designs. And worst part of all, they usually charge higher prices for this added feature (we’ll get to the prices later).


The Patent-Pending Paradise Pocket

Over a year of R&D and wear-testing went into creating the All Citizens Paradise Pocket boxer briefs. They studied how men (and their bits) move in a wide range of activities such as when you sit, stand, lay down, walk around, run and jump - this allowed them to create a design that ensures that you never fall out of the pocket, so you can say goodbye to stickage and that awkward elongated side step readjustment.

The All Citizens Paradise Pocket is a ball pouch that holistically wraps around your twig and giggle berries for complete and total separation from your thighs. The holistic design ensures that the lads never fall out of the pocket during any activity so you’ll be adjust-free all day. It has been ranked as the most effective ball pouch by experts and customers - how many undies in your drawer can say that?

And best of all, All Citizens’ ball pouch is made with a high performance mesh fabric that allows for much more airflow and ventilation for your “boys”.

Smart Features

All Citizens packed a ton of features into their underwear to offer comfort, performance and durability for your everyday wear.


Mesh Breathe Zones

Strategically located mesh areas are added where guys sweat the most (between the legs and on the lower back) so that you have uncompromising breathability and ventilation down there. The mesh Breathe Zones work well with the Paradise Pocket because both are made with mesh, so they allow air to reach the places where the sun don’t shine.

2Undr doesn’t have this feature.


Grip Thighs

The legs ride up and bunch on most pairs of underwear, which causes wedgies, so premium underwear should have a smart feature that addresses this frustration. 

All Citizens has Grip Thighs that have a gentle hold on your legs to keep them in place. 

2Undr doesn’t have this feature either so expect constant readjustments and wedgies.


Quick Access Horizontal Fly

2Undr boxer briefs have a vertical fly (also known as keyhole fly) which makes it awkward to go to the bathroom - you have to rummage about down and usually have to use two hands to keep the hole open. 

All Citizens boxer briefs are designed with a quick access horizontal fly that makes it much easier and faster to hit the head when nature calls.

Packed With Tons of Smart Features

All Citizens underwear also has reinforced stress points to stop rips and holes, plenty of room to breathe in the crotch so that your goods aren’t “mashed” down, a thick no-roll waistband to prevent plumber’s crack, a center crotch seam to get rid of chafing (and that awkward shroom outline), a free motion gusset for a complete range of motion, a locker loop for easy hanging… 

We could do this all day, but we’ll let you check out their product features here.


Diverse Styles

Let’s make our balls less boring. 

Both bold and fun while being simultaneously serious and collected is a hard style to pull off. All Citizens offers plenty of styles that range from work to play while offering charitable contributions for purchases of certain pairs of underwear. 

2Undr offers a wide range of colors and fun patterns as well so both brands can help you express yourself in more ways. 


Social Impact

2Undr doesn’t have a real communal outreach — no charities, mission, or real help to those in need. 

All Citizens highlights the lack of accessible comfort in the world through their For All Social Mission

All Citizens donates a wide range of key resources to communities with each pair sold from their For All Collection. These resources range from trees planted in rainforests across the world with purchases of the Rainforest underwear to meals donated to hungry families with purchases of the Sushi underwear. 

Other contributions include socks to the homeless, clean drinking water to areas that don’t have access, and income for artists with autism. 


Price Point

All Citizens prides themselves on offering the best pound-for-pound and bang-for-your-buck underwear out there. The most expensive pair of underwear All Citizens offers is $18, while some options at 2Undr are as high as $40. 

Additionally, All Citizens offers a drawer refresh where you can get 6 pairs of their boxer briefs for $99, and a complete drawer refresh with 12 pairs for $189. 

2Undr also offers underwear bundles at $60 for only two pairs of underwear. 

More performance and comfort at less than half the price - it’s a no-brainer.



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July 22, 2022 — Bridget Reed

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