We have a pretty simple formula

Premium Performance

We invest in the highest quality performance fabrics, smarter design and built-to-move construction to make category-leading products with unparalleled comfort.

Fewer Dollars

We keep operations lean and free from unnecessary costs so you enjoy premium comfort at wallet-friendly prices, 365 days a year.

Better For All

Carbon-neutral 3-day shipping, sustainable fabrics, inclusive sizing and a social mission to democratize comfort.

Comfortable innovation that enables seamless transitions between work, play and everything in between

But don't just take our word for it

"The Paradise Pocket ball pouch underwear is far superior to any of the brands that are twice the price"

James B

"Best ball pouch design I have found anywhere and the material is exceptional"

Larry S

"These boxer briefs are the only ones I’ll wear. I’ve run marathons in them, gone on 20 mile rucks, and they manage to hold up great, feel great, and miraculously not hold any smell. Overall I love these very much"

Jacob L

"The best pouch underwear I have tried"


"I have tried around a dozen different variations of underwear with this ball pouch style. As far as the pocket goes, All Citizens has the competition beat hands down"


"Not only are they a cheaper price than the others, they feel like I should have paid much much more for them"

Bradley T

"This new ball pouch is great. I normally had to use baby powder or other methods of keeping the boys from sticking. Not an issue any more. No more needing to take that side step or elongated forward step to unstick. This ball pouch eliminates that need"

James H

"Better than more expensive brands"

James M

"Best Boxer Briefs I’ve found
Cost can’t be beat. And the feel and support is as good as $30+ pairs. I’ll be hard pressed to ever leave All Citizens"


"I can't even tell you how awesome it is to have found a pair of briefs that actually stays on my thighs without bunching up! Keep up the awesome work because the tree trunk thigh community is counting on you guys!"


"Great quality and comfortable fit for fraction of price, it really compares to my lululemon boxers. Definitely will be a repeat customer"

Ruturaj K

"I don't understand why it took me this long to find a shirt that fits easily, breathes easy, and is quality... This is your ultimate dress shirt PERIOD. This is coming from someone who has tried everything out there"


"My biggest complaint about most boxers, even sports performance boxers, is that the legs constantly ride up. These did a great job staying put, and the side pocket eliminates the need to wear an armband when I run. All that at the price point makes for a great product and I'll definitely be looking to pick up a few more pairs"

Dan P


If we could live in these briefs forever, we would.

Substantially better quality than most other brands. All Citizens has arguably the most advanced system to keep your business in place

All Citizens unveils an ultra comfortable, over-engineered pair of underwear... with a series of subtle features that collectively bolster comfort and performance.

All Citizens set out to create game-changing boxer briefs at a better price - and we must say, they’re definitely delivering on that mission. They created the absolute best pound-for-pound boxer briefs.

Getting a few pairs of All Citizens means having a few pairs of the best underwear for men.

All Citizens bridged the gap between pricey luxury labels and bargain multi-packs by creating a truly game-changing pair of boxer briefs at half the price of other premium brands. While the quality surpasses more expensive brand name briefs, the price doesn’t.

A comfort powerhouse. One of the first entirely eco-friendly lines of boxer briefs.