Lafayette Aviators

$ 75.00
Half the price of other premium sunglasses
Aerospace-grade aluminum
Scratch and impact resistant

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Product Description

The problem: most sunglasses are made with thin, flimsy frames that break easily, scratch easily, and need to be babied. And yet, you still have to spends hundreds of dollars for them. So we set out to create incredibly durable, life-proof sunglasses for spontaneous lifestyles (and to handle the occasional "oh sh**" moment).

We built men’s aviator sunglasses with aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that's scratch resistant, impact resistant and corrosion resistant - it's made with the same material used to make CubeSat satellites and is one of the highest strength-to-weight alloys. Despite weighing less than 20 grams, they have particularly good resistance to harsh environments and saltwater corrosion, all packed into a frame you won’t even notice you're wearing.

Then, we used advanced polarized lenses with 100% UVA/UVB protection, and are scratch resistant, impact resistant and shatter-proof to keep your eyes safe.

These Polarize sunglasses come with a reinforced steel folding case that neatly fits in your pocket (because nobody likes bulk).


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Garment Care

  • Wipe clean with dry cloth 
  • Store in protective case when not in use
  • Keep lenses away from sea water and other corrosive liquids

Lafayette Aviators

$ 75.00
Comfort Powerhouse
Aerospace-grade aluminum

The strongest frame in its class.

Incredibly durable and lightweight.

Some might say using such high quality metal is overkill - we just call it good design

Protective armor coated frames


Thicker build

The thicker frame protects the lenses from accidental drops by making contact with the ground first (and thanks to the impact-resistance on the frames, you won’t even see a scratch or dent) 

Life-proof lenses

Polarized UV400
100% UVA and UVB Protection

Stands up to wear and tear
and the beach

Instant self-healing coating
Conceals deeper scratches
(repairs scratches up to 20um)

No cracks
No dents
No problems

No dangerous shards when you’re
living dangerously

So they don’t slide down your nose when you lean forward

Thicker arms

Won’t bend out of shape when you inevitably sit on them.

Flex hinge

For fall-off-your-face-proof grip.

And to accommodate wider faces

Laser etched

Won't scratch off

Stands the test of time

Matte black

Subtle, classic, pairs with everything

Better accessories

Steel plate reinforced case
For protection and durability

Case folds flat
Fits in your pocket.
Say goodbye to bulky cases

Thick microfiber cleaning cloth 
For structure and durability

The folding metal case and microfiber lens cloth comes with each pair of sunglasses


Pinch to zoom

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Max S. (United States)
Good glasses

Fit nice, they’re light, and they look good

Lance H. (United States)
Great quality sunglasses

Big fan of these. Great quality and design. Highly recommend!

Season W. (United States)
Perfect Gift

Purchased as a gift, the recipient is so pleased. Will be leaving for active duty soon and thinks these are perfect based on vision, durability and fit.

Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy
Scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, corrosion resistant, life-proof
Polarized UV400
100% UVA and UVB Protection
Stands up to wear and tear and the beach
Instant Self-healing coating
Conceal deeper scratches (repairs scratches up to 20um)
No cracks, no problems
Doesn't crack when dropped
Weighs less than half of the weight of traditional glasses lenses so they don’t slide down your nose when you lean forward
Sunny days
Private time
Tired eyes
The rodeo (of life)
Lookin' sharp, staying handsome
Traveling the world
Manning the BBQ

Breeze through
your day in sunglasses


designed for durability
and everlasting style

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