Performance Dress Shirt - Trim Fit

$ 55.00
Half the price of other premium shirts
360° Stretch
Tailored fit
Versatile tucked/untucked length


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We’ll help you find the right size

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What size shirt do you wear?

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Product Description

Inspired by classic tailoring but redesigned for a modern pace, the All Citizens Performance Dress Shirt is your everyday button-up, but technical. Comfortable, stretchy, machine washable, low maintenance, tailored fit and versatile: it's got everything you need to go from office to action to travel and beyond.

Bonus: it’s wrinkle-resistant and commute-friendly to help you arrive ready for anything. It’s the perfect dress shirt for anything life throws at you.


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Garment Care

All of our garments are easy care: wash on cold and hang to dry - that's it
No ironing necessary, but if desired, set the iron to very low heat and place a towel between the iron and the shirt. Do not let the fabric come into direct contact with the iron. 
Do not dry clean 
Do not bleach

So easy, you won't need to call mom for help. 
She'll be so proud.

Fabric: 90% polyester, 10% spandex

Performance Dress Shirt - Trim Fit

$ 55.00
Comfort Powerhouse
Wrinkle-Resistant Performance Fabric

Built with technical fabric for at-home comfort with boardroom style. Wrinkle-resistant, machine washable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying and incredible stretch - travel easy and conquer more in greater comfort.

Tailored Athletic Fit

Designed to rest comfortably across broad shoulders with slimmer arms and a narrow waist. Don’t have time to sculpt that v-shaped body? This v-shaped shirt gives you a sharper silhouette.

Modern Spread Collar

Designed to keep you looking sharp in both formal and casual settings.

Thicker Collar Stays

Keeps you looking sharp and looking the part, and never flops out on you

Convertible Cuffs

Versatile convertible mitered cuffs can be worn with the button or dressed up with cufflinks. Truly a multi-purpose, high-performing shirt that even Bruce Wayne would be proud of.

Pocket Access Sides

Sides are cut upwards for easy pocket access. That’s it. Nothing revolutionary - we don’t know why other shirts don’t have this. Seems like common sense…

Hidden Collar Button

Keeps your collar standing tall and crisp all day. Fly-away and flattened collars are a thing of the past.

Lowered Second Button

Hits right under the collarbones for a well-defined neckline and a more casual look

Reinforced Buttons

All buttons are reinforced with a whirl of threads and a lower set hole so the threads do not stick out exposed - this reduces knocking or scraping the button threads loose.

Tapered Edges

Make the buttons easier to slip on/off. In other words:: we’re in for a fuss-free helluva good time.

Higher-Set Back Yolk

We always aim to go above and beyond, and our back yoke is no different. Set higher so that the seam doesn't limit stretch or range of motion - we got your back.

Expert Tailoring

Nothing looks sharper than a perfectly tailored shirt - that’s why we worked with tailors to cut and measure to match the natural curvature of your back (bonus points: the back darts have a slimming effect)

Versatile Tucked+Untucked Length

Tuck or untucked? Decisions… We’ve got you sorted. Cut for a versatile length, wear it how your partner likes it, how your office likes it, and how you like it. There’s something for everyone.

Stay-Tucked Back

The longer back stays tucked in to prevent unsightly views of your butt cleavage when seated.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Amit S. (United States)
Great shirt

5’8, 180lb and size L fits perfectly. Kind of plastic like feel, but great look.

Ryan A.
Great shirts - I NEED MORE COLORS!

I’ve got the white and grey… I need more! Maybe a pink? Navy? Burgandy!

These fit great, are beatable, stretchy, stiff collars and cuffs… At this price, they’re hard to beat.

Nate E. (United States)
Great for an Athletic Build.

I'm 5'9", with a 46" chest and a 32" waist, and these fit just about perfectly in XL -- loose enough for real-world movement, and fitted enough not to balloon at the waist.

And the fabric is significantly better than standard-issue $100 performance dress shirts; it drapes more like cotton, and the blue (which often has a shiny look when made from performance fabric) has a nice matte finish that looks like a conventional dress shirt.

You'll need to iron these to remove the fold wrinkles, but after that they seem to stay pretty much wrinkle free. Overall, for me, this is as good a dress shirt as I can get for $50.

Ditch the iron and save tons of time
360° stretch
Ease of movement in any direction for any activity (yes, even lounging)
Machine washable
No more dry cleaning bills
Manages sweat for all-activity and all-weather comfort
Keeps you comfortably dry all day. Pack light and do laundry anywhere.
Made for hours of cool comfort no matter the temperature
Made with more substantial fabric with a cotton-like drape
Built to bring you years of comfort
Better color retention
Looks as good as new and won’t fade for years
Commute, Office, Yoga, Rock Climbing — designed for the office but built to handle anything and everything
Happy Hour
Lookin' sharp
Date Night
Hot summer days
Spontaneous adventure
Digital nomads

Breeze through your day in the most
comfortable shirt


tailored to move with you.