Paradise Pocket™ Trunk - Athletic Fit

$ 18.00
Premium underwear at half the price
Ball pouch
Luxuriously soft performance microfiber
Mesh breathe zones
No ride up


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01. 02.

What pants size do you wear?

Are your thighs thicker than average or average?


We’ll help you find the right size

01. 02.

What pants size do you wear?

Are your thighs thicker than average or average?

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Product Description

A high performance ball pouch underwear for men that provides unparalleled comfort by separating your “boys” from your thighs. No more awkward sumo squat or elongated side step - just life-changing comfort and adjustment-free days.

We used a custom built high performance microfiber to make this ball pouch underwear more luxurious, durable, breathable, sweat-wicking, quick-drying, stretchy, incredibly soft, anti-odor and anti-chafing. To push breathability even further, we added mesh Breathe Zones for more airflow and uncompromising ventilation where you need it most. Bye, swamp crotch. 

This pair packs all the features you need for work, sweat, play and everything in between (because you’ve got better things to do than remembering to pack an extra pair): Grip Thighs that never ride up or bunch, a horizontal fly for a more natural movement when nature calls, reinforced stress points for extra durability to last for years, and 15+ other smart features for more comfort, performance and durability.


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Do not bleach

So easy, you won't need to call mom for help. 
She'll be so proud.

Fabric: 90% recycled polyester, 10% spandex

Paradise Pocket™ Trunk - Athletic Fit

$ 18.00
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Customer Reviews

Based on 1001 reviews
L.A. (United States)
Really nice!

These guys are pretty nice! Very comfortable and easy to keep everything nice and separated/situated. I wasn’t sure how well that front pouch would work but once I put them on, I was actually pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to get my junk in and out

Anonymous (United States)
Best boxer option with a pouch, but needs updated

Definitely the best boxer with a pouch out there that I have found. Reasonably priced. Good construction, fabric, and design. Love their horizontal fly for quick/easy access. My only complaint is the pouch design, which has fabric to keep your balls off your. Great, but it is completely open at the bottom. This is fine when you initially put your goods in there, it lets your wang hang low and all, but if you have big balls or low hang, with time they will go out of the pocket and then the purpose of the pouch is defeated. This is especially true if you lie down. then your balls are def on your legs and the fabric just bunches high behind your balls. No bueno. They need to update this to the new pouch design, like on the elite II boxer brief (which as an aside, I’m not a fan of because there is not ample space for your junk in those…. I’m not a fan of being smashed/compressed, so I just tossed them but did appreciate the updated design), where there is a semi-closed pouch bottom which would fix the problem with your balls, but leave some space for the wang to hang if need be. Instead I kind of fix the problem by putting a few stitches myself to semi close the pouch bottom until they update this one. Time for version 2 All Citizen! I will be a loyal boxers customer once that is done…. and PLEASE make some boxer briefs that have room for guys who have bigger junk or don’t like to be smashed in general. Airship Apparel had this market nail, but they went under with the pandemic. I wouldn’t shame you if you borrowed from their design and made a killer pair of boxer briefs for those of us who like a true hybrid and feeling free down there. Carry on!

H.T. (Vietnam)
Highly recommended!

Feels very comfortable and not irritable on the skin. Fast delivery.

Manages sweat for all-activity and all-weather comfort
Keeps you comfortably dry all day. Pack light and do laundry anywhere.
Long day? This fabric keeps you from smelling like it
360° stretch
Ease of movement in any direction for any activity (yes, even lounging)
Made for hours of cool comfort no matter the temperature
Euphoria-grade softness
And it gets softer with every wash
The lightweight antidote to humidity and summer
Built to bring you years of comfort
Better color retention
Looks as good as new and won’t fade for years
Run, bike, hike, explore — designed for running but built for anything and everything
Daily wear
Hot summer days
Separating your nuggets from your thighs
All climates
The rodeo (of life)

Breeze through your day in
comfortable, adjustment-free underwear


that was designed
to move with you

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